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The Vagabond Prince (2016)

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Bass Solo by The Vagabond Prince

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Bass Solo is a shared scent launched in 2016 by The Vagabond Prince

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There are 2 reviews of Bass Solo by The Vagabond Prince.

Full and fair disclosure–I received my bottle of Bass Solo from The Vagabond Prince by winning an online giveaway and am I glad I did! Never has a fragrance been more aptly named; there is an underlying hum to this scent that really evokes a bass guitar–in the hands of a master (John Paul Jones, I am looking at you). Bass Solo is an amazing fragrance; it is rich and complex and yet soooo subtle and smooth. First and foremost a wood fragrance with Moroccan and Virginia cedars, sandalwood, driftwood and the unique Wenge wood accord playing starring roles. There is a sweet, milky fig accord almost (dare I say it?) semeny in its silkiness which darts in and out among the woods. Birch tar adds an elusive smoky vibe and musk and patchouli round the whole thing off. While this is not an oud fragrance, it has the feel of one, only with every rough edge worn away without a trace of skank. If Lou Rawls was a fragrance, this would be it. Like the underlying bass note in music, you lean into this scent and have to really listen to hear it but once you have identified the rhythm you will never forget it.

A dreamy opening with ginger, lime, and cardamom. A touch of saffron. Well-blended lavender and cedar. Milky fig - just a touch. Later, comes birch tar, sandalwood, and amber. Even later, a smoky blend of musk, opoponax, and patchouli. Overall this is masculine for sure but, could be worn by women who enjoy smoldering-styled scents.

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