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The 3.3oz spray bottle of Basile Uomo I have purchased recently looks just like this...I'm assuming it's the original formula. So I'm gathering if people are speaking of the reformulation it must be the "new" version released in 2003.

This fragrance is wearable but I'm not shocked that Basile Uomo was discontinued. You can smell the basil, oakmoss, and patchouli. Sniff a little closer tones of pine blossom out and is accompanied with leather. The part of this fragrance that causes a neutral rating is has a lavender note that's accented with something and reminds me of hair spray. It blows across the composition in a haze producing aerosol-like overtones so Basile Uomo does comes across as fairly synthetic. This fragrance reminds me of Tsar(1989) though darker green and not sweet.

Basile Uomo isn't a bad scent but I think Carlo Corinto Classic(1986) and Quorum (1982) are more legendary green scents from the 80's.
Oct 8, 2019

The version I have is in a 100 ml. splash bottle, so I'm assuming this is the "orignal" version. Whatever version it is, this is an incredible herbal powerhouse fragrance.

The list of notes in Basile is enormous and is pretty typical of the heavy hitters of its era (the 80s). However, it's different from most power scents in that the dry green herbal qualities, rather than the leather and patchouli, are the focus. This is an herbal and green fragrance lover's dream! Delightful green notes like basil, artemisia, and pine are front and center, and give this a sharp, brisk edge from start to finish. I can certainly smell the usual 80s bruisers like leather, moss and patchouli all in here, and they give the scent the requisite muscle for the era, but they don't overpower.

If you love green, 80s or powerhouse fragrances, Basile Uomo should be on your sampling list.

Jul 3, 2012

Widespread in the 80's and 90's this was a masculine herbal fragrance with a powerfully citric-astringent opening, an intensely floral middle transition and a woodsy-leathery base. The initial connection of citrus, green notes, cedar and coniferous with the impressingly floral evolution (jasmine and carnation above all) reminds me a bit the classic Chacharel Pour Home with its deep citrusy-herbal-floral whiff while the final outcome is slightly tamed and smoothed by the insertion of amber, olibanum, benzoin and leather that civilize the green-shadowy opening with a softer final touch. Juniper and pine impress a sort of crisp and botanic smell of forest which holds on its influence throughout the evolution being it not overcome by the final silky-leathery addition. Strong  notes of vetiver and patchouli keep high the level of testosterone while an impressive mossy touch enhances the general sensuality of the juice. A pity it has been discontinued even if the current formulation is almost identical. Finally too monolithic and dry for my full pleasure.
Aug 20, 2011

Here's one I am rather upset knowing it's been discontinued. Unbelievably citric, woody and mossy. A perfect score for this chypre. Not over the top but still plenty strong. Quite wonderful.
Dec 13, 2008

I am filing this review under the ‘original’ category. My recently purchased bottle looks exactly like the one in the basenotes photo except for having white rather than gold print. The scent is definitely 1980’s. Whatever this is, I don’t think this is a new version (i.e., a changed formulation). Basile Uomo is an 80’s scent with an herbal flare. I disagree with the review below – it is both big and long-lasting. The citrus-basil opening is assertive and refreshing. The floral mid softens the deal somewhat. Juniper and pine give a crisp, almost minty edge. Basile is a bigger and less vegetal version of Diptyque’s basil green Virgilio (or Virgilio is a modern, minimalist interpretation of this sort of scent). I enjoy Basile. The usual caution for 80’s scents applies here: don’t over-apply! I really like the basil and pine notes which keep popping up, they are a refreshing aspect to an otherwise big and rich chypre. They make it interesting and distinctive. Basile has a dry-down a bit like Equipage or Chevalier D’Orsay (beautiful leather/amber/musk).
Oct 16, 2007

Pleasant enough. An opening salvo of strong herb notes. A slight lemony aspect seems to creep in later. I don't find it particularly strong or long lasting.
Nov 23, 2004

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