Basile Uomo Forte 
Basile (1989)

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Reviews of Basile Uomo Forte by Basile

There are 2 reviews of Basile Uomo Forte by Basile.

Stardate 20180901:

Given the "Basile Uomo" in name and the note pyramid, I, like Martin Dean, was expecting herbal powerhouse.
Instead I got a dandified version of Basile Uomo.
The top is herbal and citrus - very much like a flanker of Basile Uomo should be. But then it changes course pretty quickly and goes in the direction of Tiffany for Men/Chanel Cologne Concentree. A bit more spicier but in a subtle way. The spices are like herbes de Provence rather than Italian herbs which was unexpected. Longevity could be better.

All in all a decent vintage frag still available at decent prices.

Sep 3, 2018

Strange how a name can mislead. From the name alone, I was expecting Basile Uomo Forte to be rather like Yatagan or Sud Est, a sort of raw, bitter, hebaceous scent. Or, perhaps, with a culinary herbal overload like MPG's Baime. The reality is rather different: Basile Uomo forte is actually rather soft and subtle, almost a quiet background scent. If a slight herbiness is there, it's hardly detectable, being soothed and smoothed in a pillow of soft spices. It's more than a touch powdery. Pleasant, relaxing, refined. Classic and elusive. Unusual and welcome.
Oct 9, 2006

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