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"It can be argued, but it would be enough to think, it's a shopkeeper, a brand, a distributor, a perfumer a blogger with sponsors!

I remember Peter Parker, he knew everything about Spider-Man because He was Spider-Man!

So my dogmas are equivalent to the tenets of the other! God save Pregoni, my friends! GOD SAVE PREGONI!"

- Angelo Orazio Pregoni,
final words on Basenotes
27th February 2022
I purchased a sample of this and I am really enjoying it.

Aside from the title's hilarious play on words, this fragrance has no base notes. At all. Only Heart and Top notes are in this fragrance.

While wearing Basenotes KMA, I smell green herbs as well as spices, with a slight floral note. Fresh, warm and spicy is the best way that I can describe this.

Unless you live in a really hot area, this could be worn year round. I wore this to the office and received quite a few compliments.

Angelo Orazio Pregoni did a fantastic job at pulling this one off.


26th May 2017

Ditto on drseid's excellent review. I smell the "heavy mix of culinary herbs and spices": It reminds me of the discontinued L'Autre by Diptyque and Marrakech by Aesop. The herbs and spices in BKMA are surprisingly wearable because, although viscerally dark and complex, they do not send a strong or overpowering silage after the first several minutes. The accord has excellent longevity. I don't miss the absent basenotes… they don't seem to be needed. Nice fragrance… Way too costly, though.
22nd December 2016
Very little to add to drseid's incredibly accurate review.
The focus of this creation is a welcome return to Pregoni's savoury and Olive assaults in the Top Notes.
The heart notes form a Basenote that is slyly comprised of whispers of Leather. It is of a Candle, just lit and indeed has a vision of eternally afloat.
All done with an original styling that is strange and enormously wearable.
Continue to be entertained and fascinated by the creations of this "clown"
9th March 2016
BaseNotes Kiss My Ass opens with a heavy mix of culinary herbs and spices, with fiery red pepper and cumin as two key standouts with a deep olive-like significant supporting accord. As the composition moves to its heart (it contains no base notes, hence one of the reasons for the name) the fiery spice and herb laden olive-accord gains a relatively rough leathery facet, along with a mix of dulled florals that gradually turn slightly powdery near the finish. Projection is very good, and longevity excellent at around 12 hours on skin.

When I first heard this composition was being released at the tail-end of 2015, I didn't really know what to expect. With a name like "BaseNotes Kiss My Ass" (not so subtly alluding to the Basenotes perfume related web site that Pregoni has had issues with) the composition could have intentionally been made as an awful foul smelling concoction created as a potentially vindictive gag, but luckily, perfumer Angelo Pregoni instead chose to create a serious (or at least as serious as he gets) composition that has no base notes -- and it smells amazing. The open is immediately recognizable as Pregoni's trademark blend of culinary herbs, fiery spices and subdued florals, but in similar fashion to his composition I named the best smelling perfume of 2015 of those I sniffed, Scent & Chemistry Kiss My Ass, this one is more reminiscent of Pregoni's original O'driu series releases. As I feel many of the original series from the house were Pregoni's more innovative, talented and provocative work, this is a very good thing and I hope he continues on this path. Without base notes one might expect the composition to fall apart on skin relatively quickly, but my experience has been anything but, with the composition holding up extremely well in all performance metrics, not reigning in the projection and adding a very well-done leathery facet to the key heart with excellent effect. The bottom line is the 32 piece limited edition $260 per 75ml bottle BaseNotes Kiss My Ass has Pregoni finishing the 2015 year in fine fashion, adding a successful follow-up to the first composition in the new series, earning an "excellent" to "outstanding" 4 to 4.5 stars out of 5 rating and a very strong recommendation to fans of the house.
2nd January 2016