Barista Collection : Gincenso 
Daniel Barros (2016)


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Daniel Barros

Gincenso brings the invigorating aromatic gin qualities to the most ancient and mysterious fragrant ingredient in the history – incense – at once building a translucent and smoky, intoxicating and contemplative aura.

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Reviews of Barista Collection : Gincenso by Daniel Barros

There are 1 reviews of Barista Collection : Gincenso by Daniel Barros.

Well composed in terms of notes and also well balanced in terms of gender neutrality. The opening is slighty citrusy, with a nice coolness probably from the aniseed. Then it evolves to a spicy middle fase and finishes with a boozy frankincense. The path from top to base is not very long. My only complaint relates to the blue pigment: leaving a blue spot on the skin, you can surely expect a blue stain on your clothes. Overall a nice creation from a brazilian beginner parfumista.
Jun 18, 2018

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