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Reviews of Baraonda by Nasomatto

There are 10 reviews of Baraonda by Nasomatto.

When I first smelled it I thought to myself, "That doesn't smell like whiskey...does it?" Regardless, I really liked the subtle sweet woodiness it exuded, despite coming across as a little weak.
Then one evening, I finally had the thought to do a comparison while I was enjoying a glass of Wiser's 15 year old. Imagine my shock when I realized just how similar they were! It goes to show how ones preconceptions can influence ones senses.
This is probably my favourite boozy fragrance in my collection - so much so that I purchased 2 backups. At only 30 ml, it can disappear pretty quickly!
Mar 20, 2021

Does anyone have an old pre reformulation sample they would like to sell?

Another disaster of the disgraceful Nasomatto watering down reformulation.
This is not strong at all now. You can see vestiges of brilliance. You still have all the notes , whisky woods rose musk beautifully blended and not sweet but its now horrifically emasculated. It is with great sadness I write this because unless this is reversed Nasomatto as a brand are defunct. I wonder whether a competitor bought them out and they are just raping customers of money until they run the brand into the ground. Duro and Pardon have suffered the same ignominious fate. Pardon and Duro are now even weaker than Baraonda. You can hardly smell Pardon after 15 minutes. In fact without specifically putting a warning on each reformulated bottle I wonder whether this is fraudulent. Any solicitors reading this please advise. I just bought a bottle of Pardon and quite frankly my tears have more scent in them.

Too upset to even complete with my normal rating system.
Dec 31, 2019

Baraonda grabbed me right away. At first sniff I had the most realistic whiskey note I've ever smelled. Not nondescript "booziness", pure aged whiskey. I never took a look at the note list though, so I wasn't expecting a sudden change.

After a couple hours, the scent evolved and pick up a heady rose note. Now I'm not a fan of roses. Some skanky rose + Oud combos have turned me off in the past, but the rose isn't bad here. Still not a favorite of mine because of that. But, overall a pretty nice scent, regardless of my personal preferences.
Dec 26, 2019

A spicy, boozy rose with a slightly off-kilter musk mallow note which adds masculinity and warmth. Not for times when you're feeling timid or faint of heart, this is more for the moments when you're feeling flamboyant or bold, in the mood to proudly announce your presence with a scent that is different and distinct. Performance is above average. Baraonda projects significantly and lasts a while, no issues there. I've been in an experimental phase with this for some time now, still sort of figuring it out. I find it has a somewhat festive, semi-formal appeal and feels most appropriate when I'm a little dressed up. Let's just say it's not your typical casual, office fragrance. Its whiskey accord is very well done, realistic and lending itself well to the overall scent. It reminds me of one of the earlier Frapin releases in that regard, something like 1270 or 1697. It's a bit darker than I expected, more amber browns and caramelic hues than the bright and deep reds I'd anticipated, but that's a good thing, in my opinion, and makes this a rose scent that men can wear quite easily. Overall it's definitely a solid option in the Nasomatto catalog and worth sampling and possibly owning if you enjoy stepping out of the typical, mainstream box, and are into opulent sorts of fragrances. Particularly useful in the fall and winter. Final rating 8.5/10
Aug 12, 2019

Baraonda is quite simply one of the finest fragrances I have ever sampled.

When spraying Baraonda onto my skin I can think of only two other occasions where I was totally mesmerized from first sniff.

Initially you are hit with a strong whiskey note. It dominates the first 30 minutes and while it does mellow out over time it remains for the whole duration. I will add that this is the best and most realistic whiskey note that I have ever come across. At the 30 minute mark the woods start to appear and maybe a caramel note?? Vanilla comes into play around the 90 minutes mark but is always in the background. What you are left with on the drydown is this boozy/woody/vanilla concoction which is not only unique but also unlike anything else I have ever tried.

The fragrance is both upscale and sophisticated and will be sure to leave an impression on you and others around you.

Sillage, projection & longevity are all impressive.

Feb 28, 2019

This will not please the masses, it's boozy and not sweet, very strong like Duro and Black Afgano. The opening is impressive and later it smooths out with more notes appearing namely some slight woods and ever so slight vanilla (something else I can't indentify (immortelle maybe, just a bit). This was not a love at first try but, I have had some time with Baronda and I like it but not love it, It's light compared to it's brothers in this house. Try before you buy
Dec 28, 2017

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