Bang fragrance notes

  • Head

    • black, pink and white peppercorns
  • Heart

    • primal masculine woods
  • Base

    • hypnotic elemi resinoid, aromatic benzoin, vetiver, white moss, patchouli

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Remember, remember, this fifth of November
Marc Jacobs' cologne named Bang
For it would be tragic
Were gunpowder magic
Forgotten, you know, the thang

So let me beseech thee, to scroll not completely
And listen a spell or two
This brief adoration
Will cause no inflation
Of pocketbook, pecker or pew

On word of good Ruggles, said bottle me juggles
Albeit a rare event
Sha'n't be from it parted
Though barely be started
Since pepper be heaven's scent

Of black, white and pinky, its peppers be stinky
But that's just where beauties start
For finer and finer
This woody designer
Drills down into pepper's heart

Sillage and projection, this pepp'ry selection
Performs like a fragrant champ
Though hella tenacious
On balance it's gracious
And bottle be flagrant camp

Now as for gunpowder, though pepper be louder
Good Bang's gotten for your buck
Both black type and smokeless
Betray any wokeness
By which this fine joke might suck

I must now admit, to one last little bit
By which all noses might not swear
It's linearama
There ain't no damn drama
For those who for such things care

So fire up your Cisco, and seek out this disco
If pepper's your passion, pal
This ain't Dot or Daisy
Or Lola's vulvazy
Bang ain't for the av'rage gal

Remember, remember, this fifth of November
Marc's gunpowd'ry, pepp'ry bling
O'er which some colognial
Raised glass ceremonial
To c'mon, you know, the King.
5th November 2022
Fragrance in three words: Fresh Powdery Pepper

This is a discontinued and sort after fragrance. It's not mega rare or a holy grail and sold really well at the time, enough to warrant a flanker, Bang Bang. Current prices seem to be around £80 for the bigger bottles. When launched I think the price was around £40 for 100ml.

This uses a unique combination of three types of pepper (Black, Pink and White). It is noticeably peppery, but I don't get the pungency of the black pepper. Drydown is a sort of woody and very clean powdery scent which is undeniably masculine. it would maybe be considered old school now, given vanilla, cocoa and amber have become the base notes of choice.

I know a lot of people have reported poor longevity and projection with this and I can see why. I might have been fortunate in that it lasted around 4-5 hours with medium projection. Like Karma Chameleon "it comes and goes". I smelt nothing after an hour and then Bang it was back as strong as when it was first applied.

It's nothing amazing, but I really enjoyed it.

Scores: 7 out of 10
28th April 2021

I'm on a pepper-focused scent search; L'Occitane Provence started me off but it suffers from a lack of longevity. Bang is the second I've sampled during this search (the first was F Black; not much long-lasting pepper). Bang has a hint of pepper which dissipates very quickly as does the entire EDT; serious longevity and sillage issues. I really wanted it to work, but it doesn't for me. HeWood DSquared2 Rocky Mountain has more pepper and lasts longer, if it just wasn't for that hint of "diaper" it has to it. Oh, well, on to my third pepper-focus sample scent: BLACKPEPPER BY CdG.
23rd July 2019
Sorry , but not my cup of tea.
It smells very in your face and potent , not apropriate to wear at all.
maybe for a car scent yes, not not for humans.
Cant find any occasion for this - not sprayed in more than 2 years now..
10th October 2017
I don't see the point of this fragrance.

An ethereal burst of pepper followed by dry peppery woods. Extremely muted beyond the first half hour, and average duration. Moreover, this was released in 2010 when the peppery-woods genre was already well explored, and this brings nothing new to the table. One might consider Terre d'Hermes, Poivre Samarcande, Declaration, Honour Man, Comme des Garcons 2 Man, Tam Dao, Lalique White, and Wonderwood as more worthwhile alternatives. For pepper (forgetting the woods) one might consider Piper Nigrum or Noir Epices (and several others).

Gimmicky more than anything else.

19th April 2017
Decent pepper opening and then later dries to a very light, woody and tea smell.

I've heard Bang uses Iso E Super, so it didn't surprise me that the scent comes and goes, with sweet woody notes. It's never big on projection, always very light. Heat should help it project more.

I see this as a day time/office scent but seems versatile enough for most occasions.
20th March 2017
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