Reviews of Bandit by Robert Piguet

I've owned the EDT for about a week now--I bought it unsniffed. I had to wait to review it b/c I could tell it was a fragrance that I might grow to appreciate. I bought it based on it's historical status and how shocking people found it (and that men found it very wearable!). On first spritz I was disappointed--it struck me at aldehydic, floral, and perfectly feminine (yet both stark and complicated at the same time!). I would never have worn it. I've been trying it on my arm every night for the past week. Last night when I sprayed it I knew I had grown an infatuation--the aldehydes seemed now less overpowering, and the way they mingled with the galbanum was enchanting. The florals are still present, but delicate, understated, and haunting. I don't smell the "leather" everyone claims, but at times can picture black patent catwoman leather if I stretch my imagination. The drydown is decidedly the most male-friendly component. I look forward to proudly displaying my bottle and wearing it frequently in the spring and summer.
2nd February 2009
this starts off as a spicy, peppery wood and leather cascade with elements of plastic and rubber. my kinda fragrance....but a few minutes later, it settles into a dirty, muddy green and wood medley which is just plan weird....and then it transforms into a totally feminine, flowery and old-granny-by-the-window type of scent. the drydown of the EDP is simply unacceptable. Lady Knize smells nearly identical to this drydown, but is made better than this......and overall, Bandit just tends to smell quite cheap....which is unfortunate! FAIL!
6th January 2009

I keep Bandit in its box and treat it like a slightly dangerous secret friend ... everytime I take it out, it's with a little thrill that am going on an adventure. On me it is immediately powerful, pungent and sexy (like real sex, not the sugarpinkgirly pretendy teasy stuff.) I definitely smell leather, maybe even horse! It is the perfect antidote to the current crop of celebrity fruit salad perfumes and reminds me that female beauty was not always so lightweight. I chopped firewood wearing it one day and felt like a warrior queen as it heated up with real sweat. I have the EDT and am interested to get the EDP now as well
21st November 2008
I was given several sample bottles of this fragrance after recently purchasing my favorite scent, Musc Ravageur~Frederic Malle at Barney's. The person who helped me thought I might like Bandit given how much I love Musc Ravageur.

Uh...I put this on and after a bit, my husband came home and said, "Did you smoke a cigar?" One word-TOBACCO! I so wanted to love this fragrance because I find that others need a break from my wearing Musc Ravageur all the time! This fragrance went on with extremely pungent grassy notes that initially bothered my nose & throat. After about 15 minutes, the fragrance changed into something that can only be described as the smell inside a cigar humidor~not good at all.

One of my dogs kept coming up to be, sniffing me, sneezing, whining...then my dog would run from me and rub himself into the carpet like he was rubbing himself into some type of dead road kill~not good. I finally had to take a shower.
19th November 2008
EdP (re-formulation).One of those classics which I just cannot appreciate that much. Its not that offputting smell, but more like unintentionally funny remain from the past.*Great-Aunt, is it you??*This just hasn`t maintained the same sort of credibility or romantical feeling like Knize Ten, for instance.This blend of cute florals, balsams, bitter oak moss and animalics smells very cheap and artificial to my nose. Like some generic, horrendous potion placed right there in granny`s vanity table.And yes, I have tested this enough times to be sure it`s my final conclusion of this.
17th November 2008
I have been wearing Bandit EDP since 1962. Over the years it sometimes is available and then withdrawn.
Now it is back again with new packaging.
According to Luca Turin this latest relaunch is pretty close to the original and he is right in this, yet it just is not quite as good as it used to be, there again very little is. Bandit EDP is the best feminine for men that I have so far been able to find and by keeping it in the refrigerator as an experiment I have found that it increases its lasting power.
My huge sadness is that I ran out, so it was this afternoon, March 6, 2014, I discovered that with the latest production they have changed the fragrance yet again.
I asked the assistant about this and he told me that many of his customers had complained to him about this, he then went on to advise that I should email Robert Piguet and ask them why they have made this alteration, this I have now done.
23rd October 2008
I got a sample of this and it was incredible. I bought a full bottle online and it was a real let down. Not the same as the sample at all -much more floral and without the bite. I realize now that the sample was the EDT and the bottle is the EDP. What a difference! I wish I'd read these reviews first. It seems that Bandit varies from one formulation to the next. Try both before you buy!Thumbs up is for the EDT.
2nd October 2008
I bought this with my sister in mind. She is younger, bolder and maybe braver than I am. For me, Bandit is too strong (did I say that?), too green at the start and way too "perfumey" at the finish. I can't believe young people like this stuff. I hate it and it gives me a headache... and I know that my sister will LOVE it! PS Having said all of that, I tried Bandit again. While it is not a leather fragrance that suits me, I have learned to respect what it unapologetic leather perfume of depth & quality.
4th August 2008
I'm reviewing the EdT.This stuff makes me feel like a bada**. Seriously, I can't put it any other way. If you have a lack of confidence problem then you cannot wear this. Be warned! Strong leather, musk balanced with mild citrus and a bit of neroli and a flowery scent I think is jasmine or gardenia.This stuff is not for the weak stomached.
26th May 2008
Bandit starts off with a green peppery note and then develops into leather chypre fragrance with extraordinary sillage. It is *the* perfume to wear when you need a boost of self-confidence as it is strong, sexy and devil-may-care, but yet it is ladylike. If you like Mitsouko or Jolie Madame, you will understand and appreciate Bandit. However, if you like Anais Anais or Flowerbomb, this is unlikely to be the scent for you. Final cautionary note: A little bit of Bandit goes a very long way!
21st April 2008
I tested the edp with high expectations, only to crash and burn! This one lost it's punch on me after the first 5 minutes. It rapidly weakened into a sharp, non-descript eau de cologne...I did'nt hate it, but I didn't enjoy it either.
10th April 2008
I was initially going to put a thumbs down but I decided I'm going to keep trying this to see if I ever get the attraction. All I get unfortunately is a horrible gag reaction. To me it is over-the-top green with a touch of stale, used tobacco. So Sad! I wanted to love this more than anything but it hasn't happened so far. Others I've let smell it didn't get the same reaction so I guess I'll keep at it. The next time I put it on could move me to tears of joy. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
12th December 2007
Bandit: Declaration of Badness through Scent:Notes include galbanum, orange, bergamot, neroli, jasmine, rose, tuberose, leather, patchouli, mousse de chene, vetiver, musk.Due to a failed swap of this frag I had squirreled away, I decided to give it another ride.Let me just say that I have been spending the weekend getting to know Bandit a bit more intimately and I am a much better woman for it!Based on reviews, I was really eager to try this frag, sure I would love it, and at first sniff I was rather repulsed. Something musty, something not quite proper, something that had been sitting in the dark a bit too long in need of some sun. I put it away, I put it on my swap list. Just couldn't swap the darn thing away.So I decided to embrace it one more time. Dear God! Either this little elixer has changed or I have become a dark corrupted scentophile who likes things that thrive under rocks. The first burst of scent makes you do a double take, I am guessing it is the galbanum, something sort of like wet grass and dirt, but there is something very pretty and delicate that makes itself known rather quickly after that settles down. There is a muskiness to this with an impression of wildflowers. There is also something incense like here. It's such an unexpected mix of various notes. I guess there is some leather in here too. After several hours I get the pepper, slight incense and delicate flowers with sheer musk. Haunting.This fragrance is beautifully elegant and yet deliciously bad. It pleases me. It is now officially off my swaplist.
3rd June 2007
This is Perfume 101 for any serious reviewer. They don't review Chanel 5 because of its mainstream popularity but cannot do without reviewing Bandit. For this reason alone, I was scared of trying it. Fortunately, I ended up with the EDP which is supposed to be less aggressive. It was actually quite tame on me. The reason I mentioned Chane 5 is because it smells similar (but far more interesting) on my wrists. I have not heard this from anyone else so it must be my chemistry. At any rate, I am definitely hooked and for some reason feel superior because I can pull this one off (meant in a joking way). I figure this is Perfume God's consolation price to me for not being able to wear the likes of Flowerbomb, Black Orchid, and Angel.
16th May 2007
I ordered a bottle of Bandit EDT unsniffed, just got it this evening, and I am just delighted for how right it smells on me! Just speechless... If wormwood were included in the original version, I can imagine how bitter, medicinal and DARK the original was, I must search for it.Angelique Encens and Bandit were supposedly two fragrances used by Dietrich known to the public, and I love them both equally much. I consider them unisex, uncompromisingly individual and contemporary. I can totally see how they posess angelic and devilish qualities seperately. I'm deeply amazed by how ingenius these perfumers were, to create such theatrical and timeless perfumes with green notes. Can't live without either of them, both are divine creations. :)
28th March 2007
Two horses of a different color, the EDT and the EDP, both of which smell like fine vintage perfumes, one striking and the other soothing. How could this be the same fragrance? Question answered: the formula was changed several times, and the EDP that I smelled was from a brief period when Adrian Arpel reformulated it into a sweet, green chypre, very beautiful, but not in keeping with the original character. The following reviews reflect this difference. Indeed, they are for two different perfumes: First, the EDT which is close to the intent of the original formula, which was to excite and shock. It opens with a sharp galbanum and leather blast before developing into a sweet-and-sour combination, in which I smell gardena and vetiver. If this combination of notes does not seem to jive, that is precisely the point. Sharp green + sweet floral + sour vetiver = olfactory mayhem. Some people smell leather and ashes, and I certainly can agree to that. It is acrid, green, sour, and sweet. I smell marijuana smoke on my clothes the morning after the rock concert. I smell a vase full of flowers invaded by catnip. This is naughty, it truly is. What a joy. And at a reasonable price, too. This scent will turn heads. I can't see how a person could do without a small bottle of Bandit. It's a whole lot of fun. Now for the Adrian Arpel version of the EDP, now obsolete. This shares alot of notes with Miss Dior, one of my all-time favorites. Bergamot, gardenia, galbanum, neroli, jasmine, rose, patchouli, sandalwood. Compared to the other, it has much less moss and labdanum and more sandalwood enveloping the flowers. Gorgeous fragrance. This one will turn heads, too. But it will be in approval, not in shock.
14th November 2006
I am so deaply jealous of the other reviewers. I hoped for leather, complexity, incense - and got white pepper instead. Heady, sweet and vaguely floral white pepper. Tons of it. I even sniffed white pepper out of my cupbord and sniffed my wrist again - nearly identical. Oh well.
24th October 2006
I decided to buy this, unsniffed, on a whim after reading so much about it. I'm happy to say it didn't disappoint.It starts out with almost unbearingly sharp green notes, but on me the dry-down comes fairly quickly. It's soft, powdery and gorgeous. It reminds me of the way my grandmother used to smell, like very exclusive soap. The juice certainly has a vintage feel about it and to me it's neither raunchy nor overly maculine, just very comfortable and classy.
17th October 2006
I have the vintage version, and it is all business. This is my new office scent, sweet incense and leather, with something stinky thrown in just to be interesting..
12th October 2006
this fragrance is definitely unique, remarkable and hors concours!you won´t forget the person wearing this excellent perfume.....but it won´t work for everyone!This is not a perfume that can be compared to the garbage that is launched nowadays-no, this is really first class and one of the great scents of all centuries!Try it, leave it on your skin and wait, and wait....this is hot, hot and sexy - and dark, very dark!This is mystery, adventure, badness and agressiveness but it may change....If you are a connaisseur and you go for intelligent perfumes then it will be the right choice!You have to be someone special, a woman and a man-specially if you´re a man you should be handsome, virile, dark and with class!
7th October 2006
Man, I crave this fragrance, but only in the vintage form EDT, where the Isobutyl Quinoline was used so generously to "give the finger" to those who would raise their eyebrows. I think this is the perfect amount of sillage, smells like a guy should. I bought a big 8 ounce vintage bottle so I have a vintage bottle 1 oz on Ebay till thursday: just search under item 190035616703 or search "Vintage Bandit."
28th September 2006
A great, sharp, green-leather crack of a perfume, with flowers mixed in (wasn't an old advert for this a leather-gloved hand holding a bouquet of wildflowers? Brilliant.) I saw a picture once of Germaine Cellier (the creator) and she looked exactely like the type of woman who would wear it best. Elegant, with a smirk. I'm guessing the parfum is slightly softer. The EDT I tried had just too much of a burn in the top note, so I can't wear it every day. Little goes a loooong way.
9th September 2006