Bamboo fragrance notes

  • Head

    • casablanca lily
  • Heart

    • orange blossom, ylang ylang
  • Base

    • sandalwood, tahitian vanilla, ambergris

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Love this scent. While I'm usually a more intense perfume wearing girl, this offers a beautiful floral and fruity scent with sandalwood and vanilla notes. It lasts long and my husband is drawn to it. Feminine yet sexy, one of my favorite perfumes!
13th February 2019
floral fruity in a tropical vein. Ylang ylang and lily bounce off my nose, back and forth, like some kind of olfactory competition. Milky orange blossom. Not bad, for a "for the masses" scent. I think a green or herbal note would add something here.

Lots of vanilla, amber, and sandalwood, for a standard base.
16th August 2018

I bought this one for a friend's wife but ended up he wears it and loved it so much, I guess it should be for men and women
3rd November 2017
Gorgeous new perfume from Gucci. Any ladies' scents that have orange blosson, ylang ylang, lily, sandal wood, and amber tend to grab my attention immediately.

I like Gucci Bamboo because it's not loud nor does it become cloying after many hours. It evokes a sense of sweet sensuality that never gets tiring.

A great outing from the house of Gucci! ;^>
3rd March 2017
A fresh floral fragrance that is spreading spring mood. Bamboo is a free spirited vibrant perfume for contemporary women. Very refined women and very cultivated and intelligent too. Although very secretive and discreet. It is a versatile scent that changes from the citrusy to a warm subtle woody base. Clean but yet cute. In other words floral, simple, pleasant, comfort, linear, fresh, wearable, inoffensive and elegant.

The strength of bergamot in the head notes meets with floral notes especially with casablance lily. When it dries down it becomes far more woodsy, while amber and vanilla do blend to a nerve calmer to a good example of modern floral woody perfume. Quite fresh and elegant but also warm and bright enough for an urban setting. It is a synthesis of notes blended in an abstract sort of way. It embraces you with a beautifull scent full of pleasant freshness that sharpens your beauty. Suitable for all times.
22nd June 2016
I am terribly sorry, but what the ---- IS this? I received a sample of Gucci Bamboo some days before it's launch and was quite excited to try it, despite the omnious ridiculousness of the advert (a naked girl playing the piano, really now?) and the very bland hand out that came with it. Looking at the notes it had the potential to be good, alas, it simply ended up being the most meh thing I have ever smelt in my life/that price category. What was the perfumer thinking? This smells so boring, it actually makes me angry. I would rename it Eau de Soap et Babypowder and would frankly be much happier treating myself to an equally "subtle" bodysplash from H&M for a fiver.

Now, I am not hating on anyone who does like it, you do you, we all like different things and so on. :)
24th December 2015
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