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Balmya by Pierre Balmain

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Balmya is a women's perfume launched in 2003 by Pierre Balmain

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Reviews of Balmya by Pierre Balmain

There are 3 reviews of Balmya by Pierre Balmain.

I love this! I don't get the cappuccino smell to much except maybe that makes it a bit 'woody' upon drydown? I could have sworn I smelled rose in this as I'm a fan of rose notes mixed with other notes, but I see no rose listed in the notes. Anyone else smell rose? Whatever is in it, I love it and I will wear it alot this spring and summer. Another plus: It's not expensive! I got alot of juice for a very fair price.

A very nice ,velvety floral.This floral bouquet includes orchids,jasmine and violet.Harmonical opening by fruits :berries and bergamot along with delicate aroma of angelica note.It is fresh and flowery.Base notes gives it a velvety background:cashmere woods and sandalwood. I can easily use it in spring/summer time.The only note that i can't easily detect is cappucino but i can feel the creamy decor of cappucino at the bottom!

Imagine a bouquet of flowers with a cup of steaming capuccino placed next to it - you have Balmya! It is undeservedly understated - a beautiful modern Balmain. Round and enveloping. Good, but not screaming sillage. Great lasting power.

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