Balmy Days & Sundays 
Ineke (2006)

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Balmy Days & Sundays by Ineke

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Ineke Rühland
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Ramona Rühland
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Balmy Days & Sundays is a women's perfume launched in 2006 by Ineke

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Reviews of Balmy Days & Sundays by Ineke

There are 12 reviews of Balmy Days & Sundays by Ineke.

Cloying freesia and green notes on top. I get virtually no middle or heart notes. Maybe, a hint of rose but, freesia just stomps all over everything. Way later, mimosa appears, though very light. A barely there base of musk and oakmoss. Longevity is for crap. Overall: annoying.

A rather dated green aquatic floral that lives halfway between L'Eau d'Issey and a 1998 Bath & Body Works cucumber/melon soap. Here and now, this honestly smells like Purell hand sanitizer more than a proper artistic perfume, but if you really like 90's-style hyper-clean marine scents, this could be a fit. But sadly, it's not for me.

Floral and slightly feminine, this reminds me of a female version of Neroli Portofino. Sounds crazy, but that's the first thing that came to mind. Nice rose note in this one. The ladies will love wearing this one. 7/10

A first blast and I'm literally inebriated by a sparkling first of earthy green patterns and floral elements (it seems a tart aqueous accord of peony and freesia). This phase is really bitter/sour, dry fruity, spicy, vaguely minty and powerfully intense (it seems some grapefruit lingers around joined with lime/bergamot, red berries and plummy notes). Yes I detect a Humieki&Graef's (Multiple Rouge jumps on mind) sort of initial approach in this phase (the more "reliable" one of the whole Balmy Days & Sundays' trip). In a short while the greenish/floral metallic approach "in a preordained way" fades in order to let free the stage to a more conventional and "aromachemically" veined (vaguely detergent/medicinal) balmy muskiness somewhat dull, vaguely ozonic and cosmetical (in spite of its fizzy sunny "watermelony" mood). I don't see any natural greens collapse since the "nature" of the aroma is deliberately synthetic and "cosmetically appointed" for the younger crowd's (likeable or not) easy-going standards. Of course not my genre of aroma (-chemical).

Balmy Days & Sundays opens with a metallic, green-floral and boldly spicy (eugenol, cloves) blend which kind of reminds me of Geste by Humiecki and Graef without the tropical note – here replaced by a "yellow", kind of pollen note of mimosa and freesia. Pungent, sour, abstract and almost "industrial", although in a rather clumsy way – like if it was undecided between that, and just being a mainstream green-floral scent with mediocre-to-cheap components. The floral accord is delicate, but perceivable enough to create a silky breeze that softens and sweetens the overall metallic and unfriendly sour smell – that silky floral breeze will be the drydown eventually. To be honest I personally find this scent dull, sheer, uninspired, artificial - in a non-intriguing way, more a synonym for "plain" and "generic" - and not compelling, mostly because of an overall cheap quality which brings Balmy this close to cheap mainstream scents like Pleats Please by Miyake (among dozens of others).


Green fragrances live or die depending on how close they come to nature; few abstract greens work well (perhaps something with the severe attitude of Crystalle). For me Balmy Days & Sundays, with its fabric conditioner aura, pretty much flops right out of the bottle. The green notes are generic, slightly minty at the start. None of the dewy grass and sun-kissed meadows intended – a hint of sappiness is the closest one gets to reality. The backing is equally mushed up florals of the ‘fresher' end of the white floral spectrum. I know I am supposed to perceive all of this as cool and relaxing, instead I can't shake the impression of a chemical concoction (as indeed perfumes are) and a somewhat low-end one at that. The proposed chypric girding of moss would definitely have been an improvement, but it's undetectable to my nose.

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