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Reviews of Balenciaga pour Homme by Balenciaga

There are 50 reviews of Balenciaga pour Homme by Balenciaga.

The smell of a long,dirty weekend with a beautiful but morally bankrupt lover who is about two steps from being a complete stranger.this is a fantastic epidemic of masculinity, definitely not for nowadays metrosexual dude.manly,strong and seductive, wearing it makes me feel analog in a digital world. it's sweet,but also feel like you are in the presence of a old massive train that is just throwing tons of lovable different notes that blend together like a symphony.

This is an ultra masculine, complex,spicy and woody scent that explodes at first with all it's power to mature with time into a quite sweet and balsamic finish with the continuous woody get a very lovable dry down with a very strong dirty patchouli note backed up by the inevitable honey and sandalwood. initial reaction is something between Kouros and the opening it smells like the dry down somewhat like the old king has the warmness of honey,but it lacks the rebelliousness of leather and sin of natural civet,so it's not exactly Kouros.lasts for a long time and it's a must-have for any collector of vintages.
Sep 25, 2021

First of all, please forgive me: my English is far from being fluent, and this is my first review, knowing that I don't know anything about perfumes.

First impression on my skin: it is elegant. Sophisticated. My imagination pictures an man sitting in a Club armchair, near the fireplace, while outside, it is a rainy or cold winter evening.

That said, I'm impressed with the power of the scent. I put it this morning at 10.30, and I can tell not only the smell is still going strong, but it's going stronger. I can't explain the physics about this feeling, but the longevity of this scent will be huge, I can tell.

At the beginning, the scent smells very good; very sophisticated, and a bit confidential. But then, after about 10 minutes or so, I don't know what is unleashed, but the perfume goes stronger. To my nose, I can smell some powdery thing, like a chalk. This stops me from smelling more, like a fence on which "Forbidden" is written.

This is an unusual scent, to me, but very enjoyable.

Thank you for having read my little contribution.

Jan 22, 2021

This smells like a very nice fougere hand soap. And that is why I struggle with it. Taken on face value this is excellent but it irresistibly conjures images of shaving and bathrooms and hand washing and then I get mixed messages.
Projection and longevity are strong.
This is my own weakness. I relate to the positive reviews here, its just not for me.
Fragrance: 7/10
Projection: 8/10
Longevity: 8/10
Jan 27, 2020 my top 10 fragrances...this is another case of great reviews that have said more about this fragrance than I could ever say...well , I have to throw in my 2 scents for what it's worth...I am a big longtime fan of Lapidus and Kouros and I can see why there is a lot of talk associating these 3 fragrances...each is totally unique and stand apart from each other , yet there is a common thread that is elusive and hard to pin's like they are all part of the same big family , but not close , like brothers...more like second cousins...still, i can't help but to see them as some sort of triumverate...they may be second cousins , but they party a lot together and get into all sorts of far as the scent itself , I see it as a very exotic and unusual incense fragrance...the scent goes through a multitude of changes but , throughout all of it , I get whiffs of an otherworldly incense smoke drifting in the background...opens kind of wild and probably scary for some , sour/aldehydic/vinegary effect...theres spices and herbs and woods - oh my!!! feels kind of serious and the base I also get a cherry oud M7 others have mentioned , this juice could be thrown in a fancy bottle and given a cool sounding name and sold as a high end niche scent...3 thumbs up and a solid 11 out of 10...
Mar 20, 2018

Balenciaga just simply could not let the old ways go, or so it seemed in 1990 when this thing dropped into stores. From the very first Ho Hang (1971), which is seen as conservative for it's day (yeah, imagine that), through to Portos in 1980, then Ho Hang Club in 1987, The folks who kept restarting the company after the death of Cristobal Balenciaga, multiple times over throughout the years, seemingly kept going back to square one with the masculine offering, which always seemed at the forefront of every house relaunch Balenciaga has had. Each Masculine seems to ignore every effort of the last one for this reason, and just makes another bold introductory statment based on whatever the fashion MO for Balenciaga was at the time. However, with Balenciaga Pour Homme, the company was not rebooting, and it was the second of two male efforts made while the company was still held by Jacques Bogart, who instigated the creation of the dark and virile Ho Hang Club. For Balenciaga Pour Homme, the first proper eponymous "for him" the label had, they spared no expense or effort with their selection of perfumer or design of package. Gérard Anthony was brought in to handle the composition, because of his seminal work with Azzaro Pour Homme in 1978. The blue faux marble plastic cap and white glass with built-in sprayer was reminiscent of a higher-class Lapidus Pour Homme (1987), and the advertisement for Balenciaga Pour Homme read "Balenciaga Pour Homme: The Power of Dreams", which was some pretty pretentious dialog, not gonna lie. Anthony must have been instructed with creating a super masculine animalic wonder juice just like the aforementioned Lapidus, or others in this special category like Kouros (1981), One Man Show (1980), Antaeus (1981), or Sybaris (1988), but with a level of class and refinement that would allow such sexual prowess to exist in an office space.. almost. This leopard still has spots under that bespoke suit.

Balenciaga Pour Homme is a masculine that really shouldn't have existed in 1990 as a new-launch fragrance, since this was the dawn of the aquatic, ozonic, and fresh fougère, with all the old powerhouses and aromatics dying away. Hell, Montana Parfum d'Homme (1989) was practically stillborn when launched, and Aramis would re-shop the same idea minus the heavy oakmoss and plus some bay rum in 1994 as Havana, but here was Balenciaga sticking to their guns in the face of certain failure and releasing another powerhouse, perhaps the last great powerhouse, when the style was already obsolete. Gérard Anthony is a master of any style he chooses to employ, as evidenced by the later Paco Rabanne XS (1993) and Homme de Gres (1996), but here was his "Antaeus" for lack of a better comparison, chock full of manliness, complexity, sensuality, yet ultimately lighter on it's feet than any of it's older peers despite clear lack of restraint. Balenciaga Pour Homme is nearly a powerhouse/oriental hybrid, and opens with cinnamon and coriander, with thyme and bergamot bringing in the fougère brightness. The middle quickly complicates things further with a slew of aromatics, including patchouli, sandalwood, a light cypress, cedarwood, and a touch of honey that keeps this more pleasant than it has any business being. The base is the real shocker: prerequisite oakmoss for the style, and oriental-grade vanilla bourbon, mixed in a boozy rich manner with amber and musk taken right out of a 70's Avon catalog, with benzoin maintaining that sweetness so a note of Oud can come through to provide the animalic growl in place of an actual animalic like castoreum or civet. If you're confused, let me read that back to you: this is an 80's powerhouse fragrance, made in 1990 by the nose of Azzaro Pour Homme, with a base note of very-detectable oud/agarwood which would presage that trend in western perfumery by nearly 20 years. I wouldn't get all crazy and call this some pioneering futuristic oud powerhouse that was flown back in time in a DeLorean to 1990 just to be forgotten, but the thought does cross the mind. What we're left with here is a fragrance that's more than just one foot in the past and one foot in the present.

Balenciaga Pour Homme is not like a lot of things coming out and falling between the cracks in the early 90's, but rather a stylistic chimera that has one of it's heads facing the future while the other two look to the past and the now (for 1990), making this a pinnacle of powerhouse design as it not only incorporated then-relevant oriental richness (which Sybaris has attempted as well to a lesser extent), but also a type of rare aromatic wood that only in modern perfumery has replaced most need for animalic skank, as it casts a long shadow all it's own. Realistically this isn't on any kind of pedestal like my description sounds or else it might still be made like most of it's mentioned peers, but as an example of perfume as art, Balenciaga and Mr. Anthony created something very beautiful here, just with awful timing. This is sort of the younger, sweeter, more sophisticated and groomed brother to Ho Hang Club, which doesn't make it weaker mind you, just more eager to do business. You can't wear this kind of juice every day, it's just so voluptuous and busy in a good way that you almost need to take it in with little else going on around you, and it's far from work or casual use for that reason. Balenciaga PH is almost a personal vacation in and of itself when worn. It's the 80's powerhouse equivalent to that special rare mellow bottle of scotch you only take out for the best of occasions, but as a powerhouse, this will still be limited in appeal to most beyond hobbyists, so you'll want to pass on this if spicy honey-powered oud and oakmoss double-teaming on your nose sounds too overbearing. Balenciaga Pour Homme is yet another niche-quality masculine that could be relaunched as an actual niche scent to great critical acclaim in the modern era, and in smaller 1oz sizes can still be remarkably affordable despite being discontinued for so long. If this style is your thing, this might be your holy grail, or close to it. Otherwise, this is sheer terror in a bottle. Which direction you choose to run is entirely up to you.
Mar 18, 2018

Stardate 20180309:

I really like this fragrance. Powerhouse masculine. Seems loud but is not. The Patchouli Honey and Spices up top give it the barbershop vibe.
The Amber and Oud!? in the drydown make it sophisticated and office safe.
There are a few in this category - Davidoff, Vermeil but this is the best of them (most of the days)

Mar 9, 2018

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