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Balenciaga (2011)


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Balenciaga Paris L'Essence by Balenciaga

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Balenciaga Paris L'Essence is a women's perfume launched in 2011 by Balenciaga

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Reviews of Balenciaga Paris L'Essence by Balenciaga

There are 9 reviews of Balenciaga Paris L'Essence by Balenciaga.

A good woody violet leaf fragrance, unisex in practice if not in labeling, for those wanting something more demure and modern than Grey Flannel. For my money, Olivier Polge does better here than at Chanel. Even if a tad faceless, Paris L'Essence is still streets ahead of the last few designer frags I sampled in both character and competence–so of course, this one is discontinued. Not FB-worthy for me, but definitely for someone.

The opening reminds me very much of Farenheit. Farenheit pour Elle? A wonderful violet with a green quality. Good for day/work. Great longevity. I bought a bottle the same day I recieved a sample.

A lovely fresh fragrance with a green powdery violet note that is perfect for spring. Balenciaga Paris L'Essence is powdery and sweet but not overbearingly so. A perfectly darling violet scent. The opening is pure blast of violet while a subtle hint of violet leaf offers an indispensable aquatic touch. Finally vetiver and cedar enfold the entire composition in a delicate halo. Breathtaking, sweet, floral, charming, fresh, enchanting and soft but with a character. This fragrance strikes an great balance between femininity and seductiveness. It is not strong but subtle enough to grab attention of others.

A horrid mess! A light, aquatic, non-descript breeze floating over a skanky vetiver and dark musky swamp.

Mind you, I love vetiver, but it is badly used here. It smells cheap and ugly. I glad I only paid a few dollars for a sample vial.

What could one expect of a scent that uses the Balenciaga name only to fool consumers into thinking it's quality.

This smells like it was thrown together in someone's garage between pizza slices.

Avoid it.

Greener than ParisThis flanker is quite different that the plain Paris version released the one year earlier. It is less floral and without the peppery hint. This one has still the violet opening, a bit stronger, fresher with a green touch. Similarly unexciting though, but with better projection and four hours of longevity. Not this great house's greatest moment.Pros: Greener than ParisCons:

A lovely compelling fresh green fragrance. Evocative/ distinctive/ unique/ endearing composition that highlights violet and violet stems and the rooty medicinal aspect of vetiver.

This can be worn equally well by a man.


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