Balenciaga Paris fragrance notes

    • Bergamot, violet, carnation, Pepper, patchouli, violet leaf, Labdanum, Vetiver, cedarwood, Oakmoss

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I love the cracked ball knob top on this perfume ... a detail left from a sweet makeup table in ancient Rome, Paris, or Alexandria ... and the bottle fits exactly, solidly in my hand. Comforting. I'm surprised, and well, glad I picked this today. Such a nice Spring delight after all the gorgeous, sweaty, rich dirty rose Oud I've been wearing - a different one on each wrist for at least a week. I'd forgotten about this fragrance and Spring purred me to it. I used the recommendation above and sprayed some white musk in the crock of one arm ... and with or without that, I must say, I enjoy it more than my Guerlain violet fragrance, Insolence (even though it's sort of fun to have a purple, violet perfume and the honeycomb bottle is quaint). Just because it's violet doesn't make it little old-lady-ish or shrinking. It's romantic and calming to me.
23rd March 2021
Despite the list of notes, Balenciaga Paris is a seemingly simple perfume in that there is little else but violet that can be smelled, however if you are a violet lover like me, this perfume is unique because of what it is not. It is not a green earthy violet, nor is it a moody, dusty violet, nor is it a candied, sweet violet. It a light, almost sheer floral violet, slightly cool, with just a tinge of a metallic edge, surrounded by an ever so light musky, woody accord. It is minimalist in character, though far from generic or boring, and to call it 'violet musk' would not be inaccurate. It is both light and expansive; it is one of those fragrance that creates a soft aura around the wearer, and others will often smell it when you think it is not present. It is beautiful to wear in the spring.

So far I have not encountered a violet perfume that satisfies my basic violet itch as well as this one does. It is also approachable, easy to wear, office friendly, and while there's an elegance to it, it can also be worn with jeans and a t-shirt. It may actually be the perfect violet soliflore.

This one was composed by Olivier Polge, before he became in-house Perfumer at Chanel.
8th June 2020

Floral and woody.
Touch of bitterness.
Greenish carnation.
Patchouli and cedar are smashed together.
Then, the patchouli begins to shine on its own.
Violet appears. Not too powdery. Not sweet either. It is a pretty room filled with many bouquets of heirloom blooms. It isn't ultra-feminine but, feminine enough for a lady of any age.
11th November 2018
Balenciaga Paris is not a powerhouse, it traces femininity through a focussed scent. The fragrance's opening notes are warm and inviting, but begin immediately to cool to a violet heart...being female is like that, all present but emotionally meditative. An excellent, pure fragrance.
26th December 2017
A contagious beauty that is free and graceful. Balenciaga Paris is a contemporary vision, a different dream for the mademoiselle who seeks to grace herself with a fragrance that is an powdery, elegant, ethereal light. In other words: clean, refreshing, modern, floral, charming, delightful, sophisticated, adorable, well balanced and gorgeous.

This fresh chypre captivates with a subtle association between violet, violet leaf, carnation. Mixing delicately with the deoth of patchoiuli and cedar, it evokes refinement and timeless taste and makes a pure elixir that is more delicate than the breath of a kiss. I love the dry down. A great choice for everyday use in springtime for a chic parisian lady.
15th July 2015
On the plus side, I like "old lady" fragrances
This one smells like a throwback from the past for sure
Very dressing room, very powdery, very we're- going- out- on- the- town tonight
Plus I absolutely love violet and chypre scents.
These scents are only second to my first love gardenia.

Now the bad news: it's very cold and synthetic
It does not warm up on my skin like other violet scents do-violetta di parma, for instance
Even Agustin Reyes' royal violets has more complexity and warmth.
I wish for a little more depth, a little more musky notes, or even a dash of real patchouli I think would help.

Overall not terrible but there are better violet frags out there.

I recently layered this with Jovan's White Musk. I find that adds precisely what I am looking for.
18th March 2015
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