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Reviews of Baldessarini Ultimate by Baldessarini

There are 10 reviews of Baldessarini Ultimate by Baldessarini.

In the same genre as Azzaro Wanted by Night but this is way better.

It's more natural, does not have this artificial sweetness to it nor the cloying incense (not listed in its notes but it's there). Plus, it actually has tobacco in it or a very close impression thereof and that suits this type of scent. I didn't get tobacco from Wanted by Night.

At first without looking, I thought Baldessarini Ultimate's ingredients were: pepper, tobacco, vetiver, geranium, patchouli, ambroxan. Not correct, but that was the vibe it gave me.

The green part of it is very convincing and natural, and the incensey part is toned down so it doesn't cloy. The resinous side of it can be mistake for a hint of ambroxan. Of the heart notes I can only detect jasmine, real not hedione. Lovely scent.
Jun 20, 2021

Ultimate opens with a stunning, tasty, pink pepper along with a mandarin and bergamot one-two punch that jolts the olfactory with a palpitating rush that one feels when there is something wickedly beautiful in the making. Thankfully, it is just that… The sweeping floral heart, particularly, the dusty freesia shapes the whole accord by rounding the citric waxiness of magnolia and the pissy dryness of jasmine, into a garland of airy delight till a leathery, earthy base enters and put its full weight down. The smooth leather note, with a thin suede finish, is augmented by the resinous exchange of labdanum and amber, that gives the accord a softly refine animalic timber, balanced out with an incense, possibly masked as ISO E Super (merely an assumption), that strips the tone out of the earthy, woody green patchouli while retaining the spicy bits. All this consequential action in the base gives Ultimate its divinely masculine gravitas. Citric, floral, spicy and beautifully refreshing in a male genre overfilled with cavities. Ultimate is revelatory and a dare release for a designer house that let Geza Schoen do his thing. Sexy, manly, classy, elegant and worthy!
Dec 12, 2020

Sea, salt, pepper, breeze
Good with just a hint of bad
Firstest world problems

Thus, we speak well of
Puredistance BDSR
Its woood-grained panels

Impressive to this here rube
Due to their texture

Their sniff-space veneer
Be they as they may beneath
A bit p'ly-wooody

Yet compl[ie]mented
By Corrrinthian leather
Deerly Bullloved

And easily tracked
By animalic dropppings
Of a manly yet

Also womanly
Grrrather Remi-Ni-scent type
Yet mostly bizness

Not so much pleasure
Although we might conduct our
Bizness on a yaaacht

In some brisk fresh way
The whole afffair thus being
Busy yet relaxed

Like morning cofffee
Sausage and eggs up on deck
With Wall Street Journal

And satelllite phone
Which is one hell of a note
Y'all'd do well to sniff.
Feb 13, 2020

I just picked up a bottle of the aftershave and wow.....very nice! Spicey but not over powering. I bought it based on online ratings, without ever having tried it and can recommend it to everyone looking for something new and for every day.
Feb 6, 2020

This is good.
Masculine, smoky sexy, incense and patchouli.

Could be stronger to achieve that wild effect but as it is it is just right if you are not daring.

Could be a niche offering...was not surprised to see Geza was responsible for this.

Buy this before the prices go to astronomic.
Nov 20, 2017

Ultimate has a promising opening. Instantly I am brought to JCE creations, specifically Declaration, but with a little more of a citrus kick. However, this quickly dies down, and becomes more of a Strictly Private like smell, which is another overrated Baldessarini. The dry down here doesn't smell right to me either. Kind of sour.

I still think Ambre is the best of the line, and the most reviewed for a reason, It's simply good.

Ultimate on the other hand.. not so much. Although the composition seems fair, it doesn't cater to my personal interest. I give this a very low neutral rating, almost negative.
Apr 16, 2017

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