François Demachy:

If you are lucky enough to visit the island of Panarea, you can feel the sea breeze and the mineral aspect of the volcanic stone warmed by the sun and smell the flowers, fruits and rockrose. This fragrance draws inspiration from these strong sensations, like a moment spent in the shade of the fig tree, where effusive citrus fruits and a fresh breeze reminiscent of the Mediterranean sun, are liberated.

Balade Sauvage fragrance notes

    • fig, citrus fruits

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Some reason, this whole exclusive Maison Dior Collection line has looked spectacularly enticing to me ever since I first heard about it, and I've been dying to test it out. On top of that, fig is probably one of my favourite note categories in all of perfumery. So it's an understatement to say I was excited to sample this one. Unfortunately, we all know that such sky-high expectations are rarely fulfilled, and it should come as no surprise that Balade Sauvage failed to live up the hype I had built around it in my head.

Don't get me wrong though, I still like it quite a lot. It's a good fruity fig that lasts all day, quite green, aromatic a little sweeter in the opening (which is the only part where the citrus is noticeable to my nose) and then the strong green note mellows over time letting the amberwood finally peek through. It mellows out to a creamy scent that is warm, and cozy. Compared to other soft clean scents for men, this is slightly more feminine leaning. But it is absolutely wearable for a guy. feels like this is what you want to smell like when you’re on vacation and you go into the ocean. As you emerge from the salty sea water and the sun hits your body. You are welcomed by the salty sea breeze and oceanic air as the waves roll.
13th May 2023
This is an excellent release by Dior as it finally provides us with a truly tropical scent that is both unisex and modern. While it is centered around fig, the fig isn't so strong and direct as to totally make this a fig fragrance. It's less "figgy" than scents like Philosykos, Premier Figuier, and Figuier Eden, which focus purely on the fruit and little else. Balade Sauvage blends fig with other fruity notes as well, perhaps pear, apricot, and peach among others. It also incorporates soft tropical floral notes and blends them with the fruit, creating a scent that fresh and tropical but also kind of warm. There's a definite comfortable warmth that accompanies the fruit and floral notes and it comes across very smooth and natural feeling. Some citrus notes provide a little edge as well, but they're not particularly strong or sharp, so you never feel like you're wearing a citrus fragrance exactly. Labdanum in the base ensures a very smooth, plush finish. Balade Sauvage is never screechy, synthetic feeling, or anything other than unisex. Overall the quality is great and the performance is solid with good projection and longevity. It has a casual appeal, but would be very easy to wear a little dressed up as well. I would rate this a 9/10 easily, with perhaps the chance to give it another half a point once I have a little more time with it.

12th August 2019

Greetings! Balade Sauvage from the House of Dior's La Collection Privée, from The Colognesseur's perspective.

This is very refreshing, very fruity, and very aromatic blend full of light citruses with peaches in the opening. Neroli for sure to be more specific.

To me, the opening was very reminiscent of Creed's Jardin D'Amalfi, even through the opening and into the heart notes. The major difference being the gorgeous floral musky drydown of Jardin D'Amalfi complimenting the citrus where as Balade Sauvage stayed more linear, at least on my skin.

Though I sit in the midst of Winter as I write this review, this would be an absolutely beautiful Spring into Summer scent as pleasant a smell on a gentleman or a lady - a fragrance this fine discerns no gender.

Having received this as a small complimentary sample courtesy of Dior for ordering Dior Leather Oud (quite a different direction on that needless to say) I certainly may consider picking this one up.

Longevity on my skin was a satisfactory 6-7 hours, having moderate sillage, as i could smell it off my wrist well into the 3 hour mark until about 5 hours in when the projection began fading.

Certainly full bottle-worthy in terns of quality, however as is the case for all blends of the esteemed Privée line, price is certainly up there, so to the buyer be the decision.
And of course, due to the polarity of neroli, I certainly advise sampling before making any purchase!

May you all have a pleasant evening!
3rd January 2019
A very outdoorsy scent experience! Fragrance notes include:

Head - bergamot, petitgrain, ozonic notes
Heart - fig, hedione, orange blossom, rose, fig tree, sea notes, solar notes, peach
Base - labdanum, pebbles, amberwood, vanilla

Starts with a very green, bright citrus and fresh touch, soon to be filled with a fruity mix and only a smidgen of fig. The rock rose emerges to smooth things down, along with a sweetened touch by powdery amberwood and vanilla.

A unisex scent for sure, evoking sensations of fancy landscapes rife with natural, warming fragrance. Not for everyone, so I'd recommend a test spritz first.
19th November 2018