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Nez à Nez

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Recently tried a few samples of this because I am trying to find a few other perfumes or fragrances to wear other than my usual solo repertoire-smile. I was really looking forward to trying this fragrance because I imagined it might be a similar but more affordable alternative to my beloved Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur, my current favorite scent!This fragrance is nice but not one I would own and wear on any regular basis! As others have stated, I liked the opening notes very much because the scent is predominantly musk (which I like a lot) with a nice layer of spice (cinnamon??). Based on reviews, I was expecting this fragrance to be overwhelmingly and forever musk-y and very strong at that...but it was none of least not on me.About 20 minutes after applying this fragrance, it turned into what I would consider a slightly floral, very muted, muddy, murky, subdued and rather powdery substance, losing nearly all of the initial pleasant musk & spicy opening notes. What started out promising quickly took a rather mediocre and unoriginal least on me it did. Much to my disappointment, this scent morphed into a real gourmand fragrance on me...after about an hour or so, I thought I smelled like mild vanilla extract :0(Lasting power was not great...sillage was rather poor. As I am learning more about fragrances, I am recognizing that I like rather potent mixtures with strong opening notes, animalic scents...not floral scents, NOT POWDERY scents. I like spicy & smoky fragrances with complex notes that are predominantly musky, woody and spicy. I like the wood, spice and musk characteristics to persist and last as final notes, too (not fade away). A fragrance has to have great staying power for me to love it...unique & unforgettable sillage is a huge plus, too! Bal Musque is a nice fragrance but it just didn't quite do it for me.
Apr 23, 2010

Holy Moly -- we have some serious musk action going on here and not just the oft used White Musk -- Bal is thick with them. With liqourice and black vanilla as steadiers, we are in a sensual heaven. Bal Musque is so gorgeous it hurts. A potent sex bomb -- be careful out there.
Nov 4, 2009

Wow, wow, wow, I definitely hope your sample has turned off PigeonMurder or otherwise we certainly have very, very different noses.I sampled this today and I am excited.My first impression was, "boy, this is flowery". However it didnt seem overdone or even messy but rather like a gentle, light introduction into what was to become dirty. The more the florals faded the more resemblances to musc ravageur i got (which might be due to my lacking experience if it comes to soft vanillic musks), the same spicy, gourmandic touch (cinnamon, vanilla, bergamot(?)).I loved it from first sniff until right now that the musky base is howering around my hand and i keep taking whiffs.Highly recommended (at least for trying)!10/10
May 18, 2009

What the hell is this??! Wonderfully delicious list of notes, but all I get very alcoholic opening followed by disordered smell of something which smells like a pointless mixture of withered flowers and sweet fruits.I wonder if my sample has turned off. I`m afraid its not, though....
Nov 14, 2008

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