Bal de Roses 
Keiko Mecheri (2012)

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Keiko Mecheri
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Reviews of Bal de Roses by Keiko Mecheri

There are 3 reviews of Bal de Roses by Keiko Mecheri.

There's a quality to KM fragrances that just makes me feel happy...wearing this puts a smile on my face...the dominant player is a rich, juicy , dark red rose...there are no doubts that this is a rose fragrance...Everything else is just there to add little flavor nuances...that something else being some flowery touches and a little muskiness...oud is listed, but all I get of that is a hint buried way underneath everything else...and that's allright by me. keeps it from being just another variation in the universe of rose/oud fragrances...i enjoy this as a straight up rose scent and get much enjoyment wearing it...
Dec 12, 2018

I love Bal de Roses. It is always a happy, lighthearted fragrance- I really feel as if the roses are dancing and carefree when I wear it. And it lasts very well- I can still smell it the next morning!
Jul 13, 2012

Bal des Roses is an absolute delight. This is my second sampling of the bespoke line and I have to say I am impressed with the quality of both scents I have tried.
I tried this scent on a paper strip and then eagerly on my skin.

Bal des Roses probably means rose dance or rose ball ( as in dance ) . Well anyway, it certainly is this. However, it's not a rose soiliflore in any way of the usual kind . The roses are soft ,naturally sweet and mingle ( or dance ! ) with the oud which gives this really addictive ,smooth deep woody edge to the whole scent. I absolutely love it. I don't perceive any white musk on me - perhaps it's hidden under the oud !
It reminds me of Rose Oud By Kilian but a lighter version . It's a simple scent but very well done. Seductive .
Bal des Roses melds well with skin,rather than sitting on top of it ,shouting.
Jun 19, 2012

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