Bal d'Afrique fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, lemon, neroli, african marigold, bucchu
  • Heart

    • violet, jasmine petals, cyclamen
  • Base

    • black amber, musk, vetiver, moroccan cedarwood

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This is a flanker to "Tales from Zanzibar"...or is it the other way around? In the end, it hardly matters, as Bal d'Afrique has zero longevity and almost completely fades to a bare skin scent within two hours. This may have better performance when sprayed on clothing, but that ultimate lack of versataility condemns this as a wearable scent.
1st June 2023
Wearing this on clothing: Bal d'afrique is a sweet spicy biscuit and a small, tart, fruity floral.
There's also a touch of hair spray, which - once you've smelt it - doesn't go away.
It's a bit cheap, and boring, and 205 euros.
2nd March 2023

It's slightly citrusy, slightly woody, quite subtle, quite linear and I really, really like it. I feel it fits me, and is especially fitting workplace settings where you don't want to be too loud, too floral, too sweet or generally too much. Is it boring? A bit. But it's also very nice.
17th September 2022
This was certainly a pleasant scent, but I couldn't shake associations with Vetiver Tonka. It's just not the style of vetiver that I'm drawn to ... I gravitate more toward the dark, earthy, and smoky aspects of the note. I didn't mind this one when I wore it, but I also never actively chose to wear it when I had a bottle.
17th May 2022
Lovely, soft, and I think this is quite different. It is more on the feminine side, but on me it goes a little sweet fig, with a bit of the soft vetiver, such a soft lovely sweet floral scent.
I agree the vetiver in here has no earthy or darkness at all. Bright and soft, but it does last a good while, doesnt project out for that long tho.

Overall 8-10
Performance 8-10
Silage 6.5-10
13th May 2021
This is one of my "happy" scents.
It just smells so bright and plush that I want to keep sniffing my wrists non-stop.

I find it beautifully blended and a joy to wear any time of the year. It doesn't last that long but whilst it does it's heavenly!
13th March 2021
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