Bal d'Afrique 
Byredo (2009)

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Reviews of Bal d'Afrique by Byredo

There are 37 reviews of Bal d'Afrique by Byredo.

Lovely, soft, and I think this is quite different. It is more on the feminine side, but on me it goes a little sweet fig, with a bit of the soft vetiver, such a soft lovely sweet floral scent.
I agree the vetiver in here has no earthy or darkness at all. Bright and soft, but it does last a good while, doesnt project out for that long tho.

Overall 8-10
Performance 8-10
Silage 6.5-10
May 13, 2021

This is one of my "happy" scents.
It just smells so bright and plush that I want to keep sniffing my wrists non-stop.

I find it beautifully blended and a joy to wear any time of the year. It doesn't last that long but whilst it does it's heavenly!
Mar 13, 2021

A pleasant scent, on my skin wears as 'thin' and is gone in 3-4 hours from a sample from credible source. It is a feminine floral with a few twists that give it a familiar but pleasantly unique summery scent.
Nov 16, 2020

The set of opening notes - neroli, bergamot and touches of lemon - make for a bright and fairly fresh start, although this is not so much a blast of freshness, but more a friendly touch of it. The vetiver lacks any earthy or wooden component.

The drydown adds floral, with a rather light-hearted violet mixing with a gentle jasmine in the background; the florals merge with the vetiver nicely.

The base adds a touch more sweetness owing to a strong influx of white musks, which are complemented by a nonspecific woodsy undertone. Still, never is this heavy or strong.

I get moderate sillage, adequate projection and eight hours of longevity on my skin.

This summery scent is light and bright in its core, of a clear and clean nature. On the other hand it lacks vividness and intensity, and some of its ingredients show their synthetic nature up to a generically tedious extent. Still, it is blended well. Overall, this just reaches a positive score by the skin of its teeth. 3/5
Jul 29, 2019

A pleasant tropical perfume that starts off as pineapple backed with coconutty rum, and goes more floral with ylang later. I don't directly smell the vetiver, but there's a green background that somehow makes everything smell more "dewy" and sun-dappled. There's also a bright chemical sheen that hovers over everything like a shot of expensive vodka, which does a clever job of making Bal d'Afrique feel politely thin and unobtrusive while it's actually quite strong and still projects well.
Mar 20, 2019

This is the happiest fragrance I’ve ever owned. It feels like a sun-kissed, carefree day. It’s dense yet light-wearing, utterly unique yet almost universally likeable, and so enjoyable in all stages of development. The citruses, florals, fruit and woods seem to overlap and blend together like a watercolor painting. Bal d'Afrique brings me joy every time I spray it. If this all sounds like your style of perfumery, then I urge you to sample it.
Jan 13, 2019

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