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    • incense, resin, sandalwood, perfumed wood

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This Montale fragrance offers a dry and woody scent that feels natural and well-blended, lacking any synthetic characteristics. It should not be mistaken for Encre Noir à L'Extrême as they are quite distinct. This information on Fragrantica can be misleading. It might bear some resemblance to Incense Flash, but the latter is smokier with a stronger amber presence. Unfortunately, I'm not detecting much amber or resins in this fragrance, which could have added a sweeter touch. It follows a fairly linear and non-complex progression, without being polarizing or offensive. It works well for winter, spring, and fall without being overly cloying. Performance-wise, it sits at a moderate level. I'm personally picking up more wood notes than incense. Overall, there are superior options available in terms of wood-centric or incense-centric fragrances.
30th June 2023
I've worn this 6-7 times. I am finding a off-putting sourness after an hour or so. Rather than becoming used to it, it increases in dissonance. I won't give it a negative rating, it still has redeeming qualities, but it grates on me after awhile.

I love oud, and this is definately oud. The oud in Bakhoor isn't the animalic variety, but a blend of dry spicy and wet decaying wood variety. We had a pond when I was young that often had sticks and leaves in it. In early spring the smell of decayed wood was unpleasant, but in light whiffs, was quite pleasant. This reminds me of that scent. It is linear on me, being a Sandalwood, note and a spicy peppery note as well. This oud is different from the most common Aoud found in Black Aoud, Dark Aoud, Louban, etc. This is more sharp. Not my favorite Montale. Not everyone will like this, and it probably shouldn't be worn indoors in close quarters as some people may find it unpleasant. Not in the class with the wonderfully skanky Cuir d'Arabie, but still be careful.
11th July 2020

Lovely combination of woodsy resins and olibanum with light spices and sandalwood. Spices provide sweetness and a vague honeyed feel. Yes I smell a vague burnt sugar "arabic" effect for a while (yes vaguely conjuring the main accord working in Tom Ford Sahara Noir) but in a light, well balanced and resinous-boisè way. I see the Bakhoor's resemblance with Lalique Encre Noir A L'Extreme on its woodsy-silvan side (cypress, hints of vetiver?) but this oriental is more focused on sandalwood, light spices and olibanum imo.
28th February 2020
I like this a lot. It is very dry, and has a haunting, evocative and exotic character. Peppery spice notes, dry green resins, resolute woods, and sophisticated, non-threatening oud. Reminds me of Tom Ford's Sahara Noir, but this is not so in-your-face. It is more subtle and elegant. Everything is perfectly balanced, and it wears well throughout the day. Oriental Woody. One site suggests it has olibanum in it.
From the Montale site:
"Bewitched by an ancestral perfumed ritual which comes to us from the nomadic Arab tribes of the Middle East, Pierre Montale has created BAKHOOR (pronounced BAROUR), a raw and wild creation, inspired by the traditional incense, burned to release the scents of resin, sandalwood, perfumed wood and natural oils. A wisp of smoke that rises to the sky, an invitation to discover mystical scents of the Orient, both intriguing and fascinating."
20th June 2019
Very to-the-point woods and incense job that does bear some resemblance to the bakhoor chips from which it gets its name. That is perhaps not saying much because bakhoor comes in many varieties, but if you like dry, smoky wood scents with a touch of unforced, in-the-grain sweetness to them then this will do the trick. It also gives a convincing impression of fragrant embers. A clear sandalwood note rang out at the start, which made me go ‘Hello, stranger!', but it quickly merged into the medley of woody notes playing in this one – among them a spicy, peppery one that often features in some of Montale's darker ouds.
A bit single-minded and there is a family resemblance to other woody ‘masculines' out there, but a well put together perfume nonetheless.
12th May 2019
A thumbs up for Bakhoor with its ethereal mesmerizing combination of light woods that replicates incense from smoldering kyara wood chips. I don't think there is oud in this scent - maybe so, but who knows - the result is still a nice effort at replicating the tones of incense woods lightly burning. Several of the new Montale scents this similar tone of much lighter woods complex that I interpret to be cleaned up and clear patchouli as a base to blend with other key notes. This similar clean high pitched wood tone is apart of other new Montale perfumes such as Vetiver Patchouli, Leather Patchouli, Bakhoor, Intense Black Aoud, and Fantastic Aoud. These all have a clean almost medicinal fresh take on the primary notes with that clear patchouli base combination. Bakhoor is a slightly feminine oud scent with a slight powder or smoke base note. 3.5/ 5 stars - Nice one.
11th April 2019