Maître Parfumeur et Gantier (2000)


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Reviews of Baïmé by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier

There are 23 reviews of Baïmé by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier.

Genre: Green

Testing Baïme has been an interesting ride. Here are my notes for the first day's wearing:

"Baïme goes on very fresh and intensly green. It smells like a summer herb garden with some wood mixed in - not at all culinary. Basil, thyme, sandalwood and vetiver are all in there, but the blend is so effective that it all comes off as a single, completely integrated entity. I was worried that the basil would be too blunt and overwhelming, but nothing of the sort happens here. The sandalwood-dominated drydown is very attractive, but the lasting power is limited: four hours, perhaps."

The second time out I had pretty much the same impression...until about two or three hours in. While working, I caught a whiff of salad dressing. Was somebody eating nearby? No. It was me! I smelled like vinaigrette. The Greek kind, with oregano. Clearly Baïme had gone rogue on me, in a way I never would have expected from the first try. Was it the temperature? Humidity? I haven't a clue.

So while I very much like Baïme, I can't see wearing it too often. I'd live in fear of suddenly becoming a large bowl of mixed greens, topped with tomato and feta cheese. :-0
Jun 10, 2014

I dislike Baime as nothing realistically aromatic and bracing emerges under my nose. An anisic and exotic herbal "melting pot" with lemongrass, fresh lavender and mint all surrounding the prominent basil is by soon castrated by a soapy/cosmetic laundry soapiness frankly barber-shop and dull. An undistinguished floral spark gets in a while to anonymously perform in the air. This fragrance may be labelled as a basil prominent aroma but in my opinion it is an ode (mediocrely crafted) to the note of pepper and frankly the yet starring herbal feel is unfortunately rounded and "overheated" by a sort of boring soapiness which frankly ruins all the expectations i was nourishing over an expected green-aromatic. Beyond it i find the aroma anything but weird or intriguing. For realistic contemporary herbal fragrances look at Meo Fusciuni, Clive Christian, Xerjoff or Sigilli (just to account a bunch). No more to add.
Dec 24, 2013

This gets points for originality, but unless one wants to smell like a kitchen freshly strewn with summer cut herbs, it doesn't make it as a cologne.

Basil, yes - peppery. Also I get a strong minty blast (is there a touch of tarragon as well?) - it's fresh, alright, and smells marvelous, but there are a lot of smells out there that don't translate successfully into something you would like to smell of.

This is one of those for me.
Nov 29, 2012

BAIME is, as others state, an acquired taste. Very green, both a fresh cut lemongrass and a dried herb character in the introductory notes that dry down to intense pungent basil/oregano/sage in loud chorus. There is a bitter green aspect throughout that I'd associate with mustard greens. The whole wearing is not sweet enough to translate as a cologne. Truly, this presents as having prepared a pesto sauce and not washing your hands afterward! Definitely a "sample it first" fragrance!
Feb 21, 2012

Wow, Baime is a basil and green fragrance fan's dream come true! I can certainly understand why some people hate this because this is a no-bullshit, dry, intensely green scent that brooks no nonsense. Put me on the list of those who love it.

This is an uncompromising fragrance. It takes no prisoners with its wall of green. It goes on sharp, green and earthy, with all of the facets you get when you smell fresh basil. If you don't like the smell of basil (and a lot of people don't), then there's no way you're going to like Baime. MPG had real balls to release this, because it contains no sweet or warm ambery notes to damper the green vegetation assault. This was meant for fans of green herbal scents only.

I don't smell salad or salad dressing from this at all. I get fresh green, woody and bitter smells throughout Baime's long life on my skin. The drydown is superb, with plenty of dry, crisp and bitter vetiver keeping up the freshness.

What a delightful scent this is!

Jan 22, 2012

At a first test you could get to the conclusion that Baime is simply a great basil based fragrance, and for some aspects it surely is, but if you try to go a little deeper you'll realize there's a lot more going on here. Basil is definitely dominating but it's magistrally blended with other aromatics herbs, lavender and anise. I also get hints of fruits but can't exactly detect them as they're skillfully camouflaged to simply add a slight "extra-touch" of fresh oddness. The overall effect is of a pleasant, and addictive, super green scent that is bold in structure but thin and a delightfully bizzare in smell.

I'd say Baime has a lot in common with Dyptique's Virgilio because despite they don't share many objective similiarities they surely move in the same territory made of a pushed to the limit green freshness. A territory where culinary aromatics herbs are used to create a bizarre clean fragrance and not to dress up your salad.
May 1, 2011

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