Baikal Gris 
Areej le Doré (2018)

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About Baikal Gris by Areej le Doré

Reviews of Baikal Gris by Areej le Doré

There are 6 reviews of Baikal Gris by Areej le Doré.

A real creative masterpiece that shows it’s true colours over multiple wearings. When I first smelt this I just didn’t get it, it felt damp, flat with a pencil shaving vibe. As time went on this perfume opened itself up to me. I now get that juicy sandalwood, that fern like smell, the cypress and of course that fresh oceanic ambergris. Art isn’t always instantly appreciated.... and that’s what this is - art!
Jan 4, 2021

A murky green-gray; cloudy, salty, and lightly sweet. Tonka, violet, sandalwood, and ambergris woven together, all smooth and round like an ocean-churned pebble. There’s a hint of vanilla that slides into the softness, though its role is thankfully complementary, barely noticeable as its own. The pine here is not like I think of the sharp conifer or sweet balsam, but rather the impression of the cold air around a tree—all the sort of green nuances mixed into the atmosphere.

I like wearing this when it’s a little drizzly outside—chilly, but not so cold. It wears softly, sort of pitter pattering against window panes, there but not.
Mar 30, 2020

Baikal Gris opens with a lush coniferous green woody fir coupling with just a hint of salty ambergris before moving to its heart. As the composition reaches its early heart, the early coniferous fir gives way to pine-like coniferous cypress rising from the base that takes the fore underpinned by natural smelling, slightly sharp cedar wood and relatively dry and smooth real sandalwood. As the progression continues through the heart phase, the coniferous cypress gradually recedes, as the sandalwood and cedar woody tandem add a soft leathery facet with just a tinge of slightly powdery green oakmoss joining moderately sweet, powdery vanilla in support. During the late dry-down, the moderately powdery vanilla takes command, with remnants of the powdery oakmoss and sandalwood smoothing things out through the finish. Projection is slightly below average and longevity average at 8-9 hours on skin.

The first time I wore Baikal Gris the ambergris spiked coniferous open didn't agree with me at all. In fact, it bothered me enough that I pretty much stopped paying attention to things right there. I was fully prepared to slam the composition in this review based on the initial informal wearing, but an extremely rare thing happened this occurrence... I have done a complete 180 degree change in my opinion. Maybe it took me some time to adjust, or maybe I just wasn't in the right mood for the composition last wearing, but today I am enjoying everything about it. Ironically the weakest aspect to me is the salty real ambergris that gets top billing due to its scarcity. In truth, the real allure is just about everything else, with the cypress, cedar and sandalwood notes the most prominent. Also prominent and unexpected was a gorgeous deep, soft leather accord not unlike the stuff found in vintage Bel Ami that reveals itself midway through the heart. Apart from the relatively benign ambergris, the composition is only slightly marred by its powdery mundane vanilla driven late dry-down. While that is kind of a "dime a dozen" finish, it is relatively short, and the rest of the journey is ever-changing and highly enjoyable getting to it. The bottom line is the $195 per 30ml bottle Baikal Gris took some adjusting to, but turned out to be fabulous, earning and "excellent" 4 stars out of 5 rating and a solid recommendation to all.
Jan 4, 2020

I’m not sure where to start or what to say about this amazing fragrance, it is so good and beyond words. The Ambergris is prominent to me and that’s a good thing because I love Ambergris , the violet is very well done also . I get leather from it, but not your just run of the mill leather, the leather I get is of the gods. The sandal wood is rich, creamy and amazing quality. My oldest girl which is about to be 14 loves it also when I wear it, she smells cinnamon, I don’t get the cinnamon but it’s one of her favorites of mine and also my 10 yr old girl and my wife love it when I wear it. My bottle is getting low and I’m gonna have to purchase as many bottles as I can because I never won’t to run out of this beautiful parfum. Russian Adam you are a magician and you have a fan and patron for life. Keep up the good work!
Jun 29, 2019

Wonderful. I was expecting an overall green scent...nope, only around edges. It's dominated through the top and middle by a big hay-like tonka with a personality of pipe tobacco and almond, distinctly boozy at first. I was a bit worried for a few minutes; it's sweet. This sweetness against a wet, vegetal violet is a little jarring, but it calms down, and the violet in particular dries out and melds with the increasingly agricultural tonka (the hay aspect takes over) to give an almost leathery feel.

This is where the saltiness of the ambergris and a subtle smoked fir comes into play, clearly present, contributing personality but not dominating, acting like a strident but appropriate seasoning. There's a black licorice-y overtone here, oddly industrial or oily (as in motor oil), probably a ghost created from this set of notes - most likely a product of the smoked fir. It's just beautiful. A wonderful accord, like nothing I've smelled before, complex, deep and undeniably attractive. Bravo!
May 6, 2019

Salty. It has a pine note that is prominent. Basalm fir and Cypress are listed, it is almost like a cross between normal pine and cedar. This goes into a bit smoky almost clove like accord. The violet leaf gives it a metallic sheen. There is a subtle soapy oakmoss smell that reminds me of Mousse Illuminee. Projection lasted about 2 hours, then becoming a prominent skin scent. Something in the heart smells a bit of leather.

Performance is not up to the standard of the price for me, and I would not consider it fbw. Nevertheless, I consider this a quality fragrance, and give it a thumbs up.
Feb 23, 2019

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