Baies Rose Iconic Elixir 
Clive Christian (2019)

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Baies Rose Iconic Elixir by Clive Christian

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Clive Christian
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A limited edition of 40 bottles - 30ml will set you back £2000.

The company say:

A 50% concentration of fine perfume oil gives longevity on the skin of over 12 hours. The elixir is a potent alcohol free oil based perfume of a premium level of perfume concentration. Inspired by the 20 Iconic perfume pair. Crafted especially to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Clive Christian. Perfectly poised in a crystal bottle and presented in a luxurious hand made presentation case. Expertly crafted in a limited edition quantity of 40 precious pieces for the most admiring of perfume connoisseurs.

Fragrance notes.

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