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Carolina Herrera (2021)

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Reviews of Bad Boy Le Parfum by Carolina Herrera

There are 3 reviews of Bad Boy Le Parfum by Carolina Herrera.

Well the cannabis is present in the opening, a veritable 'stank' that is off putting if you are not a fan of the weed.

Once the purple haze settles, all that's left is much like the EdT variety - Armani Stronger With You cum YSL Kouros Silver, all behind a thick wall of fuzzy mate finish.

I like the bottle, but the jus is almost pointless.
Jul 14, 2021

Sometimes I wonder about Carolina Herrera, like who is this house chasing after with these releases? Everything coming down the pipe for men seems to be something made for the typical creepo that hangs out on the Tinder app feigning a longing for a relationship just to get a one night stand, the kind of guy that pulls up to the valet in a nightclub driving a leased Porsche but rents a studio apartment because he don't need more room than that am I right ladies? He plays Call of Duty because only sissies play Fortnite, and prescribes to the whole "sigma male" lifestyle because life is all about the hustle and friends are liabilities. Have I struck a nerve yet? Probably not, unless you're the kind of guy that has every single bottle of Playerade that Herrera currently sells to fellas on a never-ending mental journey of social and sexual conquest. The latest self-own comes in the form of Bad Boy Le Parfum (2021), a stronger and upgraded take on the original Carolina Herrera Bad Boy (2019) that was mostly just mediocrity in a cool bottle. Not much as changed about that in my assessment of Bad Boy Le Parfum, but at least there is additional comedy here, even if unintentional. I'm sorry, but if there was ever a fragrance flagship for the CIS hetero try-hard, it's this God awful thing. Ferragamo Intense Leather by Salvatore Ferragamo (2021) covers the same territory as this release, but doesn't come pre-loaded with 4chan amounts of cringe.

Fanny Bal, Bruno Jovanovic, and Nicolas Beaulieu team up to have fun tackling the brief for this newest overcompensating bro eau, and they stuff into it just about as much pop culture relevance and fake luxury as a self-respecting person can stomach. Grapefruit and white pepper carry over from the original Bad Boy but now we get a cannabis note too, as if this fragrance couldn't get any more sweaty and try-hard. I mean, your edgy tween brother trying to impress the girls that are way too old for him (both legally and otherwise), might find this inclusion cool, but I don't get it. For one, I don't smells any cannabis at all, just a bunch of woody ambers right out the gate, including something that simulates sandalwood. I vaguely like it, but soon this gives way to metallic geranium, and a return to sage in the heart also from the original Bad Boy. The three Perfumeketers aren't done with the flourishes though, and we get some sour isobutyl quinoline leather (which I also like), vetiver, patchouli, and only a tiny bit of tonka in the end. The Bad Boy DNA is here in fits and starts, but the sweetness is taken down a few notches, and the complexity is amped up a bit along with the sillage. I still mostly smell a mashup of "just okay" but with shoehorned aromatics and gimmicky notes to make this more GigaChad. This is still mostly a one-size-fits-all kind of signature, just a little more Night at the Roxbury than the eau de toilette, so prepare accordingly. Wear time is about 10 hours, and sillage is also pretty good to start, but goes quiet fast. Best time of year for this one seems fall and spring too.

I wouldn't wear this, as I still find the overall design to be a train wreck of marketing department check boxes and creative director hubris that thinks people still take Ricky Martin's Livin' la Vida Loca to heart 20 years after it was the battle cry for millennials who partied hard thinking they had a chance at home ownership and a financially-stable life, only to realize they're living under a neo-serfdom on a dying planet ready to drown or fry them to a crisp before their kids see the age they are now. I mean sure, if you're still doing it "Yolo style" in 2021 I wouldn't blame you, because you might as well smoke'em while you got'em, but there are better ways to burn the candles at both ends than dousing yourself in confused incel sauce like Bad Boy Le Parfum and terrorizing the help at Buffalo Wild Wings for another hurricane because you got kicked out of Club Ibiza for side-eying everyone's girlfriend and having your face shoved into the floor. At least your leased Panamera still looks good (and of course it's a Panamera), and your boys got you covered at your tech firm job so you can have a four day weekend grinding out XP on Call of Duty. The smell is basically the meh of Bad Boy with a woody leathery twist, but that isn't enough to move my thumb past the midway point. Like I said, sometimes I wonder if someone needs to go up to whoever is designing these men's releases for Carolina Herrera and ask them "who hurt you?" because I want to know. Neutral
Jun 27, 2021

Strong and [+]electric[-]
Smooth, dynamic, [N]magnetic[S]


Booze, buzz, leather fall
Feather 1 with cannonball

Seamless unity
Bounded in totality

Prior art? Don't care!
Million here 1 Million there

Volts N. Teslas B
What mu bad boys R 2 c

Luv ur pred prog bro
Smells like futcha dontcha know?
Jun 17, 2021

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