Bad Boy Extreme 
Carolina Herrera (2023)

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Bad Boy Extreme by Carolina Herrera

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Bad Boy Extreme is a men's fragrance launched in 2023 by Carolina Herrera

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Reviews of Bad Boy Extreme by Carolina Herrera

There are 1 reviews of Bad Boy Extreme by Carolina Herrera.

A chocolatey rich fruit and tonka fragrance. A lot like code absolu, but if that's vanilla then this is vanilla and a hint of chocolate. Very rich like The One Luminous Night, almost middle eastern vibe with the richness but without the spices or incense.

Two sprays on my neck and two on each arm was way too much. Filled the front and living room as soon as I walked in the house. Sitting in the scent bubble is making my throat itch and eyes water. I love this and hope the price falls so I can scoop some up for next winter.

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