Back to Black, aphrodisiac fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, cardamom, coriander seed, raspberry, blue chamomile
  • Heart

    • honey, olibanum, atlas cedarwood, vetiver, patchouli, moss
  • Base

    • tobacco, amber, cistus labdanum, almond, vanilla

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Latest Reviews of Back to Black, aphrodisiac

This is a warm honey tobacco scent. When it dries down for me, this is still honey scented. As a scent layer-er, I find that pairing this with TF Tobacco Vanille or Argus Triumph of Bacchus makes this scent superb! (TF is a true tobacco Vanille fragrance while Argus is very cherry tobacco forward.)

Back to Black can be worn alone, just make sure you understand it is both sweet AND honked with little deviation. Personally, I am unable to wear this scent alone but I cannot/could not live without it in my collection.

Happy sprays!
19th December 2022
I want to like B2B, but it's just too sweet and powdery (baby powder) for my liking. I love tobacco scents, but too many other offerings cover this in a much more sophisticated way - Naxos is my favorite. The sweetness in this seems highly synthetic and gives it a more cherry cocktail quality that detracts from the richness I like in tobacco fragrances. Definitely not for me.
18th September 2022

This one is a real shape-shifter, like nothing else I've ever experienced. Sometimes it comes across as a dirty raspberry and honeyed tobacco, masculine and sexy. Other times it goes to straight baby powder, smelling authentic to the actual product. And sometimes ... sometimes it strikes a perfect balance of the two, both clean and dirty at the same time, and that's when it's at its best for me.
24th May 2022
Back to Black is a sweet honey tobacco scent. I don't know if I get everything that's in the notes list. I mostly get honey, tobacco, cherry, and tonka. It's a bit powdery and insubstantial, would be much more enjoyable if it had gone a bit richer and deeper with the honey and cherry.

In the world on honeyed tobacco scents there's this, Mugler's Pure Havane and Xerjoff Naxos. I haven't tried Naxos yet. The scent of B2B itself I think is a bit better than Mugler's Pure Havane, but the performance is worse. When you consider that Pure Havane is about a tenth of the price the comparison is a no-brainer. But, my rating stands on the basis of the scent alone. Back to Black is still pretty nice in that regard.
15th February 2020
A sad, unfinished-feeling powdery thing. Insultingly priced, though it would be insultingly priced even if it were good.
18th September 2019
Honey and tobacco with a pleasant touch of raspberry. Yum! I think this was one of my first loves with niche fragrances and it was so intriguing. The performance was good as well.

This is something for us that likes sweet fragrances. I would wear this mostly in the colder nights. Perfectly suitable for special occasions.
14th August 2019
Sweet honey powder. That just about sums up b2b. Devoid of any class or sophistication. A bit of a synthetic mess.
25th May 2019
Smells like manuka honey, which is a little off putting if truth be told ..I'm not a big fan of the smell of honey, but I can tolerate it in a measured dose, this however is overkill for me. If the almond vibe was a little more amped I'd probably have given it a enthusiastic thumbs up. If you like the smell of golden Virginia rolling tobbaco on steroids and find dark rich honey a lovely smell then this is the one for you. My girlfriend didn't like this at all and said I stink of rolling tobbaco, I tried to be more positive about it but in the end I had to agree with her.
20th November 2018
sexy as hell

Women love it... Men love it.. Everyone loves it.

Put this one on and love yourself.
2nd November 2018
Of all the big tobacco gourmands, I think Back To Black is the best, beating out Tobacco Vanille and Ambre Narguille and their numerous clones. The biggest issue with the genre is the problematic mix of ash and sweets, which can awkwardly clash if not expertly executed. Back To Black is my winner simply because the combination of ash and honey smells much better to me than ash with vanilla or amber.

So what does it smell like? Honey, mostly, with subtle bitter greens to cut the sweetness, along with that ash note, and a careful illusion of pipe tobacco created by a combining chamomile and cedar with the honey.

I suppose everyone reading this already knows that Back To Black is necessary sniffing - it's the ultimate gourmand for people who don't want to smell like marshmallows. Though I should say that this was only recently dethroned as my favorite honey perfume by Hiram Green's sublime and mercifully ash-free Slowdive.
23rd September 2018
If rubber and tea
Weren't honey and tobacco
You'd be back to Black.
24th October 2017
Heavy, sweet honey and tobacco for the first 4-6 hours and then dries down to a nice vanilla with the honey and tobacco still in the background for many hours afterward.

Big projection and longevity. Gets cloying fast if over-sprayed.

20th October 2017