Baby Doll / Baby Doll Paris 
Yves Saint Laurent (1999)

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Baby Doll / Baby Doll Paris by Yves Saint Laurent

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Inspired by YSL Paris, Baby Doll is dedicated to the girl who is romantic and fun.
The floral fragrance is housed in a bottle reminscent of a spinning top.

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Reviews of Baby Doll / Baby Doll Paris by Yves Saint Laurent

There are 37 reviews of Baby Doll / Baby Doll Paris by Yves Saint Laurent.

My wife had a bottle of this languishing in the back of a drawer. One day she had it on the counter while she was cleaning up, and as a joke I gave it a spray (I'm a man, and it's just about the girliest looking bottle with the girliest name you can imagine).
It's all fruity and sweet when it goes on, but then after a while to my surprise it settles into musky flowers and dries down with some sweet woods enlivened by fruit notes. It's all very sophisticated and very suited to a man as more of a formal, daytime scent.
So, surprise! Baby Doll works for a man, if you survive the uber-girly first minute of topnotes. I wouldn't leave it on my counter, but it does go to show that good perfumes are not gender specific.

I used to wear it as a teenager. I remembered it lately and was obsessed with buying one of those gorgeous bottles again, which I did. Now I'm 30 but look younger and people think it suits me well.
It's light and fresh. I smell mostly grapefruit and rose. It goes woody towards the end. Always nice, but not evolving a lot.
Sillage and longevity are average.

A fragrance of joy and happiness. BABY DOLL is one of those fragrances that everybody can have in their collection because you can have the confidence that the fragrance made by a prestigious designer like YSL. fruity,girlish, delicious,juicy,fruity,fresh, cute,sweet with a lovely bottle.

BABY DOLL is flowery with a fruity fun smell as it sparkling starts with citrusy notes but not overpowering.It is like candy and just delicious.the base notes are warm with a touch of seduce.totally the scent is very youthful which does not necessarily mean that it is only for young ladies.

This elegant YSL definitely is not a evening scent.It is perfect for the beach,summer,everyday,a picnic or just for any reason you may please. suitable for a sweet and cheerful character.It is also ideal for present. anyway a beautiful casual scent but not in a cheap way.

I only use this perfume as I have good memories connected with it and with every spray comes a good memory of my High school days and times with my girlfriends! I remember as a young teen buying the imitation versions of this. The imitation was a lot better as its top notes weren't so strong. My girlfriends and I always wore this perfume which is probably why I like it but if it weren't for this, I probably would never use it. It is too strong, too rosey-grape fruity and it tends to just punch you, rather than drag you in. The notes are all too strong for me but as I said before, good memories are attached to this scent and unfortunately, the scent itself is far too sweet and strong at the same time. I use it as car perfume or linen perfume but the 100 ml bottle won't seem to run out fast enough. the 100 ml bottle has lasted me over a year.

I received this perfume as a gift along with 3 other fragrances, so it went unnoticed for a while. When I finally got around to wearing it, I was quite pleasantly surprised.

The first initial spray is a strong citrusy burst of pineapple and orange which smells a lot like tropical fruit juice, but in a nice way. The fragrance quickly mellows, and although you can still smell the citrus notes, there are more flowery notes like rose and lily of the valley.

Wearing this fragrance is a lot of fun and makes you feel really girly and casual. However, be warned that this perfume is rather strong and that it has been known to give people headaches if used in large quantities.

Sexy but in a innocent girlish dolly-like naivete called
Baby doll a scent gives an impression in two ways I'm not a Child and yet not a Woman like Bravado or a Woman child- sexually a Woman plays a vulnerable and yet an
a woman with full of dreams and a bit head in the clouds
kind of Romantic view of the world ala the roles Marilyn
Monroe was famous for, a complete contrary to the Pragmatic Pierre Balmain's Jolie Madame, Tough as Nails
Robert Piguet's Bandit, and the Fiery and Tempestuous
Sister Opium. Oranges open with an crisp and citusy
brightens your senses then dries with tart and juicy
pineapple then in a few minutes the scent dries deeper
with black currents adds a sexual undercurrent then
sour green apple dries the opening.

Light and delicate freesia with it's airy sweetness
blown across the summer sky then heliotrope a warm
vanilla like scent comes steeping though has a bit of a cloyish quality Demure pink roses gives it a Velvety
elegance. The drydown is simple with the usual Sandalwood dryness and the typical Powdery finishing
of Vanilla.

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