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Sixteen92 (2015)

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Baba Yaga by Sixteen92

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Baba Yaga is a shared scent launched in 2015 by Sixteen92

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There are 4 reviews of Baba Yaga by Sixteen92.

Baba Yaga is one of the Sixteen92 "darker" scents that has a little more versatility to it.

When the sweetness of the dragon's blood incense fades down, the incense is remains the dominant note coupled with the candle wax and "herbal" notes. HouseOfPhlegethon nailed the similarities of this to a head shop. When you think of the Sixteen92 brand and smell this, you conjure up more of a gothic image in your head. But were I to spray this on you, hand you a bong and play "Terrapin Station" by the Grateful Dead, you'd see that it fits perfectly. That's why I think this has more versatility than some of the other Sixteen92 scents that I've sampled.

It's not something that I would wear, but for the right hippy/goth/witch/stoner this could be right up your alley.

It's a well-done scent all in all.

Thumbs up.

Just as described on the website: dragons blood, incense, smoke, herbs, beeswax, very sweet with a sharp bite that catches in the throat like pepper

Nice incense opening, not too over powering - just right. A tiny bit here and there of the last burning embers of the incense stick, mostly a neutral wood burning scent. The Dragon's Blood is very sweet and soft and the dominant note in this perfume. Baba Yaga rounded out to a creamy candle wax note that lasted a good number of hours.

I can't find a single thing wrong with Baba Yaga - smooth, woody, soft, creamy, resinous, easy to wear, the more I smell and wear the more I enjoy it. Personally I feel the scent is nothing like her tales, but that's okay too.

Although I know the fables and tales of Baba Yaga, I first heard the name from Modest Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition. Mussorgsky based his musical material on drawings and watercolours by Hartmann and the piece is called 'The Hut on Hen's Legs (Baba Yaga)', a musical section in C minor that goes straight from the Coda into the finale of The Great Gate of Kiev. Hartmann's drawing depicted a clock in the form of Baba Yaga's hut on fowl's legs and the musical version mimics the sound of a chase and invokes the image of a witch and movements of a hen. It is one of my favorite sections of Pictures.

The lore of Baba Yaga is one of a Slavic witch who appeared in writing in 1755 although her legend is much older. Baba Yaga possesses many contradictory qualities, and although she is quite ruthless and vile, she is also beneficent and kind. Baba is omniscient – she knows all things – and will reveal anything if the person is worthy. The kindhearted, noble, virtuous and herioc people that come in contact with her receive gifts from her. She also controls all the elements of nature like Mother Earth, and she can be quite motherly at times. There is one version of the Baba Yaga tale which is close to Hansel & Gretel's tale. In a few stories she lets people go after they have completed her tasks - but if they fail she eats them. Oddly the moral of the Baba Yaga stories is that anyone who possesses a loving and honorable heart can overcome even the worst evil.

Her hut, on hen's legs (or chicken legs) moves around the forest so it's hard for anyone to find her. The windows serve as eyes to watch over her domain and the fence post around the hut is built out of human bones and is topped with human skulls. When her house moves it spins while emitting a screeching noise, until it comes to settle down with groans and creaks. In many tales every part of her body is disgusting to gaze upon and she can remove her hands from her body so she can have them do her bidding.

A kind of smoky sweet to start. A sweet basil-like note, too, is in the forefront. It all feels like a mix of ceremonial elements used to dispel an entity of unknown intentions. It also feels autumnal. I can see why Claire keeps this in her permanent catalog of scents - It is very good.

Close to the skin there is a lovely, musty, damp earth accord. The whole thing almost has a head-shop smell and feel. It's more ethereal than just that. It's spooky. The more times I wear it, the more I fall in love.

The woody-sweetness lasts and lasts. The dragon's blood incense is pretty much the star here. It isn't bitter, like some can seem. Much later, I get a hint of vanilla candle wax aromas. Overall it is a smooth, nearly minimalist fragrance.

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