B9 celebrates Bond Street, the location of Bond No.9's flagship store:

At Bond No. 9, we love every area of our great city, but the thoroughfare that’s dearest to our heart is the one our flagship is located on: Bond Street. This two block stretch between Broadway and Bowery is wider and sunnier than the surrounding blocks, and remains cobblestoned from the early days as it’s part of the Noho Historical Disctrict. The real estate developers now call it "Starchitect Row,” we have always seen it as the enchantingly upscale and vivacious interplay of old, new and emerging Downtown New York.

B9 fragrance notes

  • Head

    • citrus, saffron
  • Heart

    • gardenia leaves, jasmine, orchid, agarwood
  • Base

    • amber, sandalwood, oakmoss, musk, vetiver

Latest Reviews of B9

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This fragrance is a floral. From the first spray this has an amber undertone that helps it project, similar to BN9 NY Amber, but with a strong floral note. It's pyramid says jasmine and orchid. I never know why perfumists put "orchid" as a note, I have ha many orchid plants of various species and none smells like anything.
This is a female fragrance, too floral for me. Definitely a good quality, and after 10 minutes I still smell the "amber" from NY Amber. Good for spring or summer use.
3rd August 2020
translucent aquatic 7 Woody oriental , solid duration and great projection, intriguing and utterly enjoyable..
to me it's 9 out of 10
28th June 2016

My initial encounter with this scent was a Saks catalogue in the mail. I smelled something fantastic and immediately flipped through the pages until I found where the glorious fragrance was emitting.

I was shocked! Never in a million years would I have guessed that scent was from Bond No 9! It just did not occur to me that Bond would create THAT scent - I have not sampled the entire line, but enough, that this just seemed more, elegant (?) than many I have tried.

I never thought I would own a Bond, but now (thanks to a great trade with an awesome basenoter!) I gladly own this one!

I'll add more when I'm not falling asleep :)

2/5/22 - updating to say I ended up really not liking this, and sadly most all other from this house. I believe it is something within the base of their fragrances, as I have smelled it in several. It often lead to migraines so I no longer buy/own/wear anything made by Bond No 9.
8th April 2016
Wow! It's very rare for me to adore a base noted musk type scent, but this has me entranced. First spray I get a very earthy blast of citrus. It then develops a slight flowery green aroma, and the earthy citrus is more subdued. During this time, the musky notes kick in, but in the most excellent ways. Not too overpoweringly musky, the top and mid notes keep it all in check. Fascinating juice. It's very strong, 2-3 sprays is all you need for the entire day. This is definitely a mans fragrance, although I do see it appealing to some females. Many compliments and questions let me know this is something to wear a lot.
2nd April 2016
Milky musk goes for high tea & pastries in the afternoon. Perfect scent for fall.

Good Longevity on my skin.

Thumbs up!
5th November 2015