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Nothing weird or conceptual and something far better than A of the same line for sure. Unoriginal but decently appointed in its genre, namely just an aromatic and peppery musky/woody (really woody) concoction enriched by a combination of teck wood (close to cedarwood), patchouli, red fruits (the bloody side of the concept?), aromatic greens and "aqueous/spicy/marine" tea notes. There is a sort of green/airy atmosphere around the wearer (the almost minty note of artemisia plays a relevant role in order the aroma to be achieved), a sort of musky/cool-green landmark on the side of an intense woodiness (teck/patchouli), a red fruitiness and something more than vaguely metallic. On my skin i finally detect a type of almost minty, spacious (the ideal brand's sense of natural freedom to be aroused in here) yes irony and (forgive me guys) "redly penetrating" combination of cool musky tea, spices (also saffron?), cherries, green fruity notes and woods, a sort of ideal combination of Black Xs (B is less bombastic of the latter) and Bulgari Man Extreme. Just decent and nowadays conventional.
Dec 21, 2013

ln the opening phase l get dark fruits, woods & a touch of peppery incense. 15 minutes in, sniffing up close, the dominant note is black tea, but from a distance l get more of the fruits. As the fragrance develops, there's an accord of spiced apples & tobacco, which puts me in mind of a darker, denser Ambre Narguile. lnstead of the pastry-sweet drydown of AN though, this has a soft patchouli in the base, fading out at around six hours.
Thankfully l didn't pick up on any metallic notes, but the whole aesthetic of this line is off-putting to me, & l don't love this scent enough to ignore that, hence the neutral rating.
Jun 12, 2012

I rate this as the best of the line by a pretty wide margin and purchased immediately. The top notes are very lovely -- peppers and cherry syrup and the patchouli is tempered nicely by the woods in the drydown. Lasts for ages. The whole concept is for the fairies, but I suppose you have to try something new to get the line into Liberty's. Big thumbs up for the fragrance though.
Oct 17, 2011

B strikes as a spicy oriental and, in the "mankind-evolution-concept" on which the whole line is based, should represents mass migrations, new discoveries/journeys and the renaissance. Smells bold and spicy, with a consistent patchouli note on which bizarre juxtapositions of acidic fruits (apple) and astringent artemisia plays together with pepper to create an interesting, but not completely satisfying, composition. In the drydown dry woods and tea darken the fragrance while a slight metallic note works as a sort of signature for the whole line.

Again, don't expect something disturbing or disgusting as nothing here is aimed to resemble blood itself. The Blood Concept is based on the evolution of mankind through blood types and not to a sort of provocation a-la Secretion Magnifique.

Very far from being a masterpiece but still a nice attempt to create a conceptual fragrance. Good projection and great lasting power.

Downside: This is the most accesible of the whole line (read more conventional). It is basically a patchouli centered composition and, honestly, when it comes to patchouli you can have much better options out there.
Oct 6, 2011

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