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B. by Balenciaga

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B. is a women's perfume launched in 2014 by Balenciaga

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Reviews of B. by Balenciaga

There are 4 reviews of B. by Balenciaga.

Wonderful drydown with a green floral and fig vibe. This is only an initial impression but I am impressed and blown away by the blend of violet leaves, lily of the valley, and light cedarwood. Unfortunately, I don't think I will be able to appreciate the full beauty of this scent because it has been discontinued. If anyone has a bottle, please let me know.

This was an instant "like" for me but wasn't "love". B. reminds me of when you step out of a cool shower on a warm morning, slip on a fresh cotton t-shirt, have a cup of herbal tea and you leave to go on a walk though a flower meadow. A woman with warm heart who loves her family and is kind to others - this is the smell of a person like that.

It opens a little harsh-maybe slightly synthetic ozonic. Then the sharpness is balanced out by the soft sweet floral mellowing in the background. The kiss of lily of the valley against violet on a blue skied, chilly, windy day. There is an underlying clean muskiness that i really dig. It is light and does not project, although a bit stronger than you would assume as you can still smell it on you after a long day.

I loved this scent when sprayed on the testing paper. And the opening is gorgeous, but when it's on me, I just can't wrap my head around the strong "play-doh" smell. I'm thinking it is perhaps the mix of cedarwood...and maybe my reaction to it. I felt something similar with Atelier Cologne's Cedre Atlas. Both have a mix of green and cedar...the fresh light greens are lovely, but there's always this hard to describe plastic note for me. And I'm thinking it must be the addition of cedar with these other ingredients. It's not offensive, but just weird. I wouldn't wear it out. Others may not have this reaction, but I definitely recommend trying this one before buying. Because I love it by itself, but it's not my favorite when I actually wear it.

I got a tester of this when visiting a department store. I also got two other testers--all of them unmarked. The other two were unremarkable; I tossed them without a second thought. However, when I put this one on again I was riveted--I had to know what scent it was. I went back to the department store to find the scent based on what remained of my tester tube. The first time I got it wrong, so I went back again--and found it. It was this beauty. I cannot say enough how much I like this scent.

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