Azzura fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, blackcurrant, mandarin, lily of the valley, forget-me-not, cyclamen
  • Heart

    • apricot, blackcurrant, rose, jasmine
  • Base

    • sycamore, yuzu, vanilla

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Latest Reviews of Azzura

The opening phase is a fruity-floral mix. A limitedly fresh mandarin dominated the opening blast, bit the blackcurrant catches up soon. Weaker elements are some bergamot and a touch of cyclamen. The subsequent arrival of the floral is spearheaded by a pleasant muguet, which remains the prominent floral at that stage.

In the drydown, a dyad of rose and jasmine is evident a bit later on, but the rose is quite generic, and the jasmine never really takes off on my skin. A ripe yellow apricot with whiffs of peach development after some time; there remains the blackcurrant in the background for quite some time.

The base loses in intensity, and is a blend of a very restrained vanilla with a touch of sycamore. Interestingly, the vanilla is less sweet on me that the floral notes I got earlier. Then a yuzu develops that is not very strong, but it nonetheless manages to move into the foreground such as to become the main note in the last stages of the development of this fragrance, with a whiff of white musks appearing just before the end.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection, and seven hours of longevity on my skin.

A pleasant creation, this is a fairly sweet floral-fruity scent for spring days. The top notes is the best part; the rest becomes too weak and a tad too generic to convince. Overall 2.75/5
2nd January 2022
A blast of fruity cat piss and a faint musky drydown. Fun while it lasts.
4th February 2021

I love Azzura by Azzaro! I'm glad I stocked up in some years back. I purchased ten bottles of the large eau de toilette spray bottles, and 25 bottles of the smaller 1-oz. refillable parfum spray. They were clearance items on sale at Drug Emporium. I just opened one of each a few days ago, and since they've been new-in-box and sealed in cellophane, they smell just as beautiful as the brand new fragrance did. As long as no air gets into the bottles, these should last forever! I just love the sophisticated deep orange fragrance. Similar to Le Feu by Issey Miyake, although perhaps not as bitter, as Le Feu smelled like bitter chewed up vitamins, lol! Nevertheless, I love them both, but now Le Feu has also been discontinued. :(
21st April 2020
I'm not sure if I have a good bottle -I got a bit of bergamot green at the top then sort of clean florals and a heap of calone melon and clean musk (at which point I scrubbed -it is persistant -BE WARNED!!!) Not for me .
8th March 2013
It's fresh and clean. A bit boring too.
13th May 2007
One good blend, with one wood and dry sweet smeel after 20 minutes.
24th May 2006
On me this smells like Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle should have. If Chanel's fragrances turn rancid on you try this one. This lasted much longer on my skin than did the Coco. This is sheer & sophisicated. My hubbie liked this on me at first, then he said it started to smell medicinal. I don't think I would purchase because I had an allergic reaction to this; it made my skin itch wear it was applied. Cute bottle.DESIGN HOUSE - Azzaro YEAR INTRODUCED - 1999 SCENT - flowery CLASSIFICATION - sharp FRAGRANCE NOTES - floral and fruity, citrus tones. RECOMMENDED USE - casual
25th November 2005
One of my favorite citrus scents. A blend of mandarin orange, a touch of floral on a base of woods and vanilla. Perfect if you're looking for a citrus with complexity and depth.
6th August 2004