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Azzaro (2012)

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Reviews of Azzaro pour Homme Night Time by Azzaro

There are 17 reviews of Azzaro pour Homme Night Time by Azzaro.

Unique, but unsatisfying. Azzaro Night Time is a case of a great opening looking for a base, but not really finding it. Had the orange-rhubarb opening been married with something a little more robust (perhaps something in the herbal direction), this could have been an true success. As things stand, it's more of a curiosity than a great scent, but I do enjoy it every time I put it on.
Aug 1, 2019

Azzaro pour Homme Night Time is a mixed bag for me. This actually could have been very good, if it didn't have a particular shortcoming. For a change, even though this is a relatively recent mainstream release, it isn't loaded with calone or melon or sweet/fresh woody ambers. It begins very promisingly with a juxtaposition of bright orange and rhubarb, quite well done; the orange is similar to the one in the original Jaguar (green bottle). The orange and rhubarb are paired with dry woody notes, with a hint of spice, though neither pepper nor nutmeg is prominent separately. However, then comes the collapse after about 2-3 hours in the dry down, which is just plain scratchy, synthetic woods. I don't know if this is a case of cash running out, though I would guess that to be likely.

I found Night Time to actually have good persistent sillage, and a good duration of over seven hours based on a moderate application. It is also somewhat unique in how it smells, I cannot immediately think of other fragrances that would be similar. The synthetic woods dry down, which would have been okay ten years ago when I was 21 and less picky, is a deal breaker today. It's a disappointment, as the fragrance is rather nice otherwise. Also, as you might have guessed, it bears no relation scent-wise to the original Azzaro pour Homme.

Jul 1, 2018

Bitter green citrus in the opening and you can actually smell the rhubarb. Nice! Then the original Azzaro pH DNA starts to come through. It's an interesting take on a citrus barbershop scent. Has one foot in modern and one in old-school. The drydown is a basic, familiar woody-soapy accord.

Feels casual to me and could work well in anything but colder weather.

Projection and longevity are on the weak side for me.

Jan 13, 2018

I got Azzaro PH Night Time as blind buy because I am a fan of the original and seeing positive reviews I said what the heck. It smells good, but nothing unique in my opinion. I was expecting something better when you have the legendary Azzaro PH at hand! Perhaps Azzaro PH is so good, it makes all other variations mediocre. It is a night scent alright. Some reviews mention this is not exactly a night scent, if this is not then I don't know what is. The nutmeg here is too much for me, making this a bit cloying and taking away the amazing class of the original.

Top: It opens up amazing, orange blast with the heart of the original Azzaro PH.

Mid: This is where it deviates a lot from the heart of Azzaro PH, I think it's the nutmeg making it too sweet (of course giving the night scent vibe, warmth) for me. I do not get black pepper at all...

Base: Actually reminds me of dry down of Kenzo PH Night and Azzaro Visit. Nutmeg? Tonka bean? I don't know..Again no trace of the original Azzaro PH here, no vetiver, no cedar. It's rich, but also generic. I'd use it occasionally in the winter night outs, but there are plenty nice scents similar to this so giving a neutral vote.
Aug 16, 2017

This was a very surprising blind buy at TJ Maxx for only $20 which I didn't expect much from but am very glad to add to my collection. Azzaro's 'Night Time' is a citrus and rhubarb bomb with a base very similar to the original Azzaro Pour Homme, which is a classic powerhouse cologne that I love and enjoy wearing in the winter.

The initial blast is a tart and bitter orange matched to strong rhubarb over nutmeg and vetiver. It comes off powerful, loud and projects really well for the first couple hours. Rhubarb is such a particular note, you will either love it or hate it. However, it is very unique and noticeable nonetheless.

As it dries down, the cedarwood and rhubarb marry each other and it becomes very nice, not too masculine and not too sweet. Not too much citrus, not overly peppery and definitely not 'sporty' or 'aquatic' or 'fresh'. There's really nothing out there that smells like it in all the hundreds of fragrances I've sampled.

The base is vetiver and cedar, which is still overshadowed and layered under the strong rhubarb, orange and nutmeg notes which blend together not so much in harmony as they do to shine and scream 'I am different'. At times you don't know if you love, hate or are on the fence about this scent. It's very polarizing, but the female compliments comes fairly easily, so that's a big plus for me.

With a liberal application of ten sprays (neck, shoulders, chest and wrists) I am getting 6-8+ hours of longevity, with about 24 hours on clothes and fabrics. Projection and sillage is strong for the first five hours, then it dies down quickly to a skin scent.

For the price this goes for, you can't go wrong with this one in your collection. It is very unique, women seem to like it, and it projects well enough for a night out on the town at the bars, clubs or date nights. For the serious collectors, there's nothing out there that smells like this so I recommend you get it for that reason alone.
Jun 29, 2017

Pepper, Vetiver and Cedar. That's the entire scent from start to finish. Not bad but nothing special. Could be used as a nice office scent or in casual settings IMO. Overall for the price I would say it's a safe blind buy. Enjoy!
Apr 20, 2017

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