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Azzaro (2015)

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Reviews of Azzaro pour Homme Intense (new) by Azzaro

There are 12 reviews of Azzaro pour Homme Intense (new) by Azzaro.

A pleasant spicy/ambery/modern take on the original. Good stuff!

The opening is borderline “Christmas candle” territory for me, but it settles nicely into a not-too-sweet accord of amber, spice, and (to my nose, at least) a bit of incense. There are fleeting impressions of the original in there, but this is more Daniel Craig than Sean Connery.

Others mention booze, but it's not that prominent to me until the very drydown. It's a much more toned-down accord than what you might find in something like D&G The One or Replica Jazz Club, and I appreciate that.

For everyday fall wear in this vein, I would lean toward something drier a la Alford & Hoff (the original), but this would be fine, and also suitable for evenings. I've worn it to the office; it's more versatile than one might expect.

Projection is middling, but expect a good 8 hours intimate wear time. Also a plus in my book.

There's not much else to be said that hasn't already been shared by others. Thumbs up!
Aug 25, 2021

Color me impressed, and I wasn't poised to like this at first glance due to the usual shenanigans designers pull when making "modern" flankers to decades-old fragrances, but I am gladly proven wrong in my usual assumptions here. Azzaro pour Homme Intense (2015) is not the same animal as Azzaro pour Homme Eau de Toilette Intense (1992), but often gets confused for it due to the extreme similarity in packaging, much to the chagrin of vintage lovers looking for the older sauce. What that stuff was, compared to this eau de parfum flanker, is essentially a more-intense original Azzaro pour Homme (1978) with a few key tweaks (like added artemisia). With this Olivier Pescheaux composition, we see an entirely different fragrance carrying mere shades of the original Azzaro pour Homme in its arms, which is a good thing for folks looking for variety among flankers but a bad thing if a stronger Azzaro pour Homme is what you're after in this. For the most part, this is a boozy spicy gourmand superimposed onto a fougère structure, or more specifically, the bones of the original Azzaro pour Homme. I think this combination works rather well, although it's not the most exciting thing in the universe either, but sometimes you're not looking for excitement in a fragrance, either. Azzaro pour Homme Intense may be a sort of mood music in that regard, but more on that further on.

The opening of Azzaro pour Homme Intense is going to come across sweet, but not cloyingly so, boozy, and a bit spicy. Spark for Men by Liz Claiborne (2003) is immediately called to mind with this effect, with cardamom and cinnamon following traces hints of the anise and lemon of the original, bolstered by a brandy accord that reminds me of Spark's cognac (they are related liqueurs anyway). The official note tree claims vetiver but that doesn't leap out at me, but what I do get is some sweet honeyed amber also like Spark and tonka which carries a tobacco-like quality that you'd find in things like Burberry London for Men (2006), before the soul of Azzaro eventually takes over. After it does, the familiar patchouli, oakmoss, leather, and dry aromatic properties of Azzaro pour Homme peek through a finishing touch of vanilla. The gourmand boozy sweetness and spice never fully fade and the final dry down becomes a bit linear once all things are said and done, which is where Azzaro pour Homme Intense can be a bit boring. Some may see this as comforting, so if you like something that hugs warmly in tobacco-like sweet tonka and oakmoss without variation or surprise for it's final stages, this is for you. Wear time is about the same as the current formula of original Azzaro pour Homme, and projection sits a little closer, but with longer sillage thanks to EdP strength. If you don't mind boozy ambery fragrances, this could be a winner in winter but beyond that you should use it casually indoors.

Azzaro pour Homme Intense won't make converts of people not enamored by the main entry, because it shares some DNA with it, but fans of the classic Azzaro aromatic fougère that want something with beefier thighs to run a race in cooler climates have no further than to look here. I like Azzaro pour Homme Intense, but I'm not 100% sure how much I need it in my collection considering Spark serves much the same need and more uniquely than this can, but I have some friends really pressing me to pick up a bottle. So, for how little it (and most Azzaro) fragrances can be had for at discounters, it may be worth the coin just for the novelty of Azzaro with a Christmassy twist, which is where my mind keeps going with this flanker. For the brand-loyal looking for something like this under the Azzaro house umbrella,even better yet, and you don't have to a be a huge fan of the original Azzaro pour Homme because the heart of that scent is only about 30% of the total mix here. Still, there is a bit of something old and a bit of something new (by comparison) in Azzaro pour Homme Intense, so it may be worth noting for sticklers about vintage or modern designs that this equally bridges those schools of thought, meaning some compromise is needed to appreciate what's being offered. Azzaro pour Homme Intense is the one to wear in penny loafers and a robe by a toasty fire, and I can dig it. Thumbs up.
Nov 15, 2020

Azzaro Pour Homme Intense (2015) -

You step into your local Starbucks day after day to get your regular morning joe, a grande with a splash of cream. Reliable, gets the job done and you don't even think twice.

During the holidays, you are feeling the spirit of the season in the air so one day you splurge on a Cinnamon Dolce Latte. Warming, a bit of spice and sweeter than your normal everyday brew. A nice treat.

Thats the difference between Azzaro Pour Homme and Azzaro Pour Homme Intense. It's the same coffee, just one is dressed up for the holidays.

3.5 stars.
Oct 7, 2020

Stardate 20191227:

I am a big fan of Azzaro PH. I like it in all formulations. So when I saw this I assumed it would be a more concentrated version of APH.
But it is not exactly that. There is a a modern twist to it - Cinnamon and that kills it for me. Now I must say that they have used cinnamon very well, light and deft while maintaining the original APH character. Unfortunately, the Cinnamon note is a killer for me , both in fragrances and in desserts.
Pass for me but if cinnamon is not your kryptonite give it a try.
Dec 29, 2019

Cinnamon and later on an infusion of a boozy Cognac impression make a nice introduction in the opening blast, and is miles apart form the original Azzaro pour Homme; although shadows of the original seems to echo in the development of this creation by adding a slightly dark and crisp undertone at times. This is particularly obvious in the presence of an added earthiness due to an underlying vetiver accord. The Cognac is not exactly XO level, but nicely smooth and it his the Cognac aroma quite well.

The base enhances the sweet side courtesy of a soft vanilla that is rather prominent, whilst ever being overly intrusive or cloying. At times whiffs of an ambroxan-style impression can also be detected.

I get moderate sillage, adequate projection and eight hours of longevity on my skin, although close to the latter towards the end.

An autumnal gourmand of some good qualities, which is well-made and quite nice initially, but, unfortunately, it turns somewhat generic and predictable in the second half of its development. Overall 2.75/5.

Oct 3, 2019

The "brandy" note here is the one of the better booze notes I've encountered in a designer fragrance, very rich and well-rounded. It opens the fragrance with some cinnamon and benzoin, suggesting a proper gourmand.

You'll be surprised when it makes its appearance, but there's actually the soul of a fougere in here, and that fougere is vintage Azzaro pour Homme, which emerges from a holiday-tinged boozy-gourmandy haze like the Ghost of Christmas Past.

As such, this fragrance offers a collision of old-school masculine and new-school gourmand, and it's a surprisingly smart combination. They don't compete against one another as much as they compliment the other.

A good option for autumnal and winter days, especially around the holidays.
Aug 1, 2019

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