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Azzaro pour Homme by Azzaro

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Launched in 1978, this masculine scent is one of Europe's biggest sellers. A true classic.

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Reviews of Azzaro pour Homme by Azzaro

There are 263 reviews of Azzaro pour Homme by Azzaro.

Houbigant may have created the original Fougère Royale well over a century ago, but Azzaro re-wrote the book in 1978 by releasing the eternal fougère of modern times in the form of Pour Homme.

Often described as a barbershop scent par excellence, to think of Pour Homme in only those terms does its creators, credited as Gerard Anthony and Richard Wirtz, although several other noses were reputedly involved, a severe injustice.

The anise note is unique, pleasing and distinctive and many years later would be smoothed out but essentially copied, in YSL's Rive Gauche Pour Homme.

The overall feel is formal (but for crying out loud, wear it with whatever you like, it doesn't have to be a suit) and clean, if not citrus fresh in its cleanliness like the original Lacoste or Eau de Rochas Pour Homme, slightly spicy, aromatic and warm but Azzaro Pour Homme is a damn sight more complex than cheaper and more archetypal barbershop fragrances like Pino Silvestre and Old Spice.

Lavender is a common note shared by Azzaro Pour Homme and the 2 aforementioned bathroom cabinet staples, but the complexity of its blending and sheer number of ingredients (in excess of 320, half of natural origins, as Azzaro's website has it) put it in a different class to almost any other fougère released since then. 1978 was truly a golden era for men's fragrance releases, with another classic, Ralph Lauren Polo (aka Polo Green) also making its debut that year.

The passing of time has smiled upon Azzaro Pour Homme far more favourably than Ralph Lauren's magnum opus however, as it remains infinitely more wearable and most would argue, less dated. The first and second formulations are the only 2 worth considering, with good sillage, immense longevity and exquisite blending, particularly in the first version, which is a delight to smell from the initial application until it wears off c.12 hours later. There is little difference between the first 2 vintages (with the 3rd formulation being the current one) except perhaps that the first is a more rounded fragrance than the second, which seamlessly transitions between its different stages over a long drydown period.

A real classic which comes highly recommended to men of all ages, Azzaro Pour Homme is a perfect simultaneously clean and spicy fragrance.

Azzaro pour Homme is an old-school masculine barbershop fragrance. This fragrance has a strong warm opening with with sandalwood, musk, caraway and anise providing an interesting spicy/aromatic opening. The dry-down remains warm musky and woody with floral notes, particularly geranium becoming more evident. All over a very masculine scent, very barbershop with a strong men's grooming product accord. To me it does not smell particularly refined or expensive, I still prefer Paco Rabanne Pour Homme or Aramis but I like the warmth and some of the complexity of the blend of Azzaro pour Homme. If you enjoy the classic, masculine fougeres and barbershop scents then this is definitely worth trying. Azzaro pour Homme has good projection, at least arm length or a little beyond, for the first hour then it settles a bit more intimately. Longevity on my skin was around 5 hours. So I would say an interesting old-school masculine scent with reasonable performance.

If I wanted a signature masculine fragrance Azzaro Pour Homme would be it old school but still modern and versatile. To imagine 300+ ingredients are the make up of this fragrance boggles the mind. This was the good ole times when men smelled manly and rugged but also of class, always a pleasure to wear in my weekly rotation.

I just picked this up a couple of weeks ago from Fragrancenet, a 1.7 for $17, and I have to say, I have no idea why I waited this long. Yes I do, it's because it was so inexpensive.
I've bought a number of cheapies that actually were cheap smelling; Azzaro Pour Homme isn't one of them.

To those who will say, " I don't wanna smell like a grandfather ", well some grandfathers smelled good.
Anyways, this has a nice freshness in the opening as stated in other reviews.

I've been wearing Azzaro Pour Homme quite a bit and I have had a few indirect compliments. One being,
" Now that's how a man should smell ".
That one came from about a 25-year-old female.
Maybe not every younger female wants a man to smell like chocolate ice cream cake or bubblegum.
I do love my gourmands, but art and music, etc do oscillate and have these checks and balances.

For the price, Azzaro Pour Homme is an easy buy for gifts. My brother, as well as my nephew, will be getting a bottle.

I fell like I'm REALLY late to the party on this one! Reviewers are discussing variations over the years, and I'm just sitting here enjoying my sample and wishing I'd tried it sooner.

So what does it smell like? An old-school masculine powerhouse. It's bracingly sharp on top, heavy with anise, pine, mint, and ginger. It quickly smooths out when the lavender comes in, calming down the high-pitched spikes and situating this firmly as a classier version of a Brut fougere. There's also a soapy neroli that seems to fill in all the cracks and crevices, while round, fruity oakmoss comes in later, adding a retro density. The eventual bass seems to be mostly minty moss paired up with lavender and tonka, like a mash-up of fougere and chypre basenotes.

I keep thinking of a wine analogy: you can have a passable wine, which basically just tastes like wine. Or, you can have a much better wine, where you can really pick out the nuances and the terroir and the undertones. If Brut is a basic wine that just smells like Brut, Azzaro is the good wine where all the nuances come though.

Very much a thumbs up!

You might expect a number of catches to Azzaro Pour Homme's price, but as hard as I've looked I've only found one. Both the 6.7 oz bottle's cheap plastic N64-cartridge cap and first ten minutes of APH seem to contain a little too much negative space: a flimsy top to something otherwise marvelous. The opening always calls to mind a few little splinters of bark from some theoretical lavender tree laid out on a tabletop, frothing and writhing and thrashing against each other like bonito flakes over heat. They make a fantastic chatter with great fizz and intensity to it, but the empty air between those splinters remains unfilled for a little while, leaving too many gaps in the smell and falling just short of providing scaffolding for all the action. If you're like me and have no regard for moderation when you apply, this top is the part that can get just a little hard to stomach before it's through.
Then, maybe ten minutes later, the bottom just falls out and you're left like Wile E Coyote frozen mid-air to realize just how expansive this interior space you're in actually is. It's a dark rolling hillscape of damp woods, foamy creams, antique licorice-oiled straight razors resting on pillowy houndstooth cloth, all the bristling fuzz of the top having fittingly been shaved off in a clean cut. I can imagine a civil war soldier's toiletries kit smelling quite similar. It's a beautiful and strong atmosphere to cast over your day and the effect lasts long into the drydown which is more a pervasive feeling of a warm and comforting padding filling your nose than an identifiable scent itself. This is an aromatic fougére in all-caps, remaining a standout of the genre decades later, and a miracle at this price. Should be a blind buy for anyone who needs a great masculine cheap and easy

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