Launched in 1978, this masculine scent is one of Europe's biggest sellers. A true classic.

Azzaro pour Homme fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, lemon, basil, clary sage, lavender, geranium, anise, petitgrain
  • Heart

    • vetiver, patchouli, cardamom, caraway, juniper berry
  • Base

    • musk, ambergris, sandalwood, cedarwood, amber, oakmoss, tonka, musk, leather

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The single greatest fact about Azzaro Pour Homme is that there are plenty of Vintage formulations out there and those early bottles are even better than the current ones. IMHO this is the single greatest masculine Fougere ever created. This masterpiece was launched during the heyday of men's perfumerie (1978). There are many great Fougeres that were created during this era but THIS fragrance is a slight cut above them all. Also just an fyi the Greatest Era for Men's perfumerie started in 1960 and sadly ended in 2000. Fortunately the fragrance lives on as it turned 45 this year. It was made during a much better time when just about everywhere and everything was much better in many ways. Azzaro PH has great longevity with one of the most beautiful drydowns I've ever had the privilege to smell. In closing, this fragrance is EASILY in my top 3 all time favorites.
2nd July 2023
Jeesh this is a really nice scent. It's just so solid and comfortable to wear.

At such a reasonable price, most male fragrance fans should just buy this. This and Guerlain Vetiver seem to me like staples all fragheads should have.

It's great fougere. Wears very pleasant and cleanly, almost soapy. Good casual or dressy. Versatile.

I suppose the argument good be made it's a bit old fashioned or mature. But it's great wear that never disappoints for me.
24th June 2023

Azzaro Pour Homme became one of my favourites soon after I blind bought a bottle early this year (2023). This one deserves the praise it gets from many quarters. Initially it seemed to me like a cross between two other great classics I enjoy, Rapport and Brut - very 'old-school', as several other reviewers have noted - and just as rugged, yet perhaps a little more refined, with a bit more going on.

Loads of notes are listed, but star anise is quite prominent throughout, with the scent becoming a little more floral in the mids, and muskier in the drydown - with pretty good performance, and a pleasure to wear throughout its duration.
30th May 2023
This evokes a cigarette smoker that pays very close attention to their hygiene/grooming. Manages to come off as clean but not refined. Very masculine and brings to mind a stylish grandfather whose heyday was the post war period. When a man could smoke a Lucky Strike in the barbershop.
6th January 2023
One would be remiss when discussing anise fragrances without at least mentioning Azzaro Pour Homme, This certified classic of the 70s saw huge commercial success and was a staple among many a man's grooming repertoire for decades. Sadly, this is one classic that has been hit hard by reformulations, with newer iterations hollowed out and thin in comparison to the robustness that persisted for years, particularly in its dry down.

It opens with its flash of anise partnered with lavender, an alchemical pair that is also wonderfully deconstructed decades later in Ellena's Brin de Reglisse. With APH, it serves as the bracing man-scent effect with supporting citruses. As the top notes settle, the anise grows a bit greener, herbal, woodier—and we experience that quintessential barbershop blob that many, including myself, love to lavish in. It's best described as a triumvirate of sandalwood, oakmoss, and coumarin—an extension of the age-old aromatic fougere that has long become associated with cleans-up-nice masculinity. In fact, my Harry's shaving soap pays homage to this tried and true accord. Here, however, with its signature anise, a notable tasty bite of juniper berry, and sawdust wood talc freshness, APH broke new ground even if some may find it a harsh mafioso-goldchain relic of the past (sigh).

Thankfully (for now), even older bottles can be bought for reasonable enough prices, and one need not reach that far back in time. The neutered formulations really only are from the past six or seven years or so. It's recommended to pick up bottles with the white screen print label rather than the transparent, embossed relief print on the front of the bottles. Then spray, delay, and walk away, taking in all that crisp, dry, spicy, mossy, musky goodness...
10th November 2022
Nowadays I can eat uber spicy powerhouses like Arrogance PH for breakfast, but the first time I smelled a tester strip of Azzaro PH my untrained nose was in shock from all the spice.

Spicy anise and lavender with a classic musky fougere base is the name of Azzaro Pour Homme's game. It stands tall between manly shit and the gentlemanly vibe. In the late 70s it took the genre to the next level, and some may argue that it has never been surpassed.

This older bottle performs very well.

Masculinity Level: Roger Sterling locking the door of his office to pour himself some vodka.
9th November 2022
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