Parfum d'Empire (2008)

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About Aziyadé by Parfum d'Empire

Reviews of Aziyadé by Parfum d'Empire

There are 19 reviews of Aziyadé by Parfum d'Empire.

The opening is hard to resist; candied citrus in liquid syrup, and dried fruit and spices beyond.
The problem is, even with a piquant and resiny undertow, Aziyadé doesn't change much. It hangs on to the gourmand thing for so long, the 'sugar and spice and all things nice' start to get a bit threadbare.

I think that, unlike Angel - for example, Aziyadé doesn't give enough weight to the anti-gourmand side - where these food-fancies get their interest. Without it, this is a platter of sweetmeats, and less of a main dish with substance.
Jan 18, 2021

Aziyade is a two-step bazaar; first the hot-and-bothering spice market reeking of sweaty cumin, growling ginger and cinnamon; then, some welcome respite – one flaps one's clothing to shake off some of the pungency – as the door to an air-conditioned chamber is opened, a space where boxes of juicy dates and prunes are on display, arrangements of choice pomegranates and the like dazzle under the bright lights and bling of the setting. Then the realization that one can't stay here the whole day and must venture back through the spice stalls. A tad overwhelming and lusty, like an aphrodisiac potion with unpredictable effects, I'm not sure if Aziyade is a promise or a threat. Grows increasingly funky over the course of the wear as that cumin just ain't giving up. I think I'll join the queue of those who admire it from afar but seldom find occasion to wear it.
Jul 9, 2020

PdE: You see, most fragrances, you know, might have fruitcake at ten ... you're on ten here, all the way up ... and where can you go from there? Where?
Me: I don't know.
PdE: Nowhere. Exactly. What we do is, for Aziyadé, we need that extra push over the cliff, you know what we do?
Me: Put it up to eleven.
PdE: Eleven. Exactly.

Don't think I'd wear something this gourmand, but too much fun not to give thumbs up.
Feb 25, 2019

Corridor in the Asylum by Vincent van Gogh 1889
Dec 3, 2017

A gourmand oriental!

I did not get the fruits or spices - and then only marginally, until into the dry down. This began for me with a strong blast of cumin and frankincense. Five minutes later a very strong musk enveloped these two (the strength of Lutens' Koublai Khan).

I find so called "dirty" scents extremely sensual and sexual and love them when they are done well. This is one of the best. Cumin is used in Empire's Azemour along with orange, but does not come near the quality of other cumins out there - my favorite is J'Ose by Laroche - in Aziyade the cumin and musk combo is quite stunning. To be worn by young men and women for the purpose of pure seduction.

High marks for this one, both as a scent and as an aphrodisiac.
Jan 17, 2016

Parfum d'Empire Aziyade is a fantastic Corticchiato's spicy-oriental with a sort of aromatic-resinous (vaguely boozy-mentholated, coconutty and tobacco veined) initial plummines leaning over the side of the "Indie accords" a la Slumberhouse's (Jeke and Baque jump partially on mind for instance) or of several House of Matriarch's (vaguely also scents a la Idole de Lubin, Lutens Fille en Aiguille, Arabie or Histoires de parfums 1740 jump vaguely on mind for several of their characteristics). The opening is really spicy, almondy-gingery and intoxicating. I detect a central accord of yummy spices, almonds, plum/peaches, dry tobacco, aromatic herbs, orange blossoms and resins (fir resins and a touch of frankincense), may be exotic ylang-ylang too which represents the oriental backbone of this really aromatic concoction. The connection between almond and aromatic spices (cumin and ginger in particular) arouses a sort of minty piquant undertone in the air. I detect also a connection of mysterious floral notes (violet leaves, neroli?) and (apparently) red berries (probably the pomegranate's effect) in a sort of olfactory sodality which anyway is not enough to exhume the far superior (drier, more classically sophisticated, musky and subtle) Femite du Bois. This Parfum d'Empire's fragrance is indeed more properly "wild", "yippie" and crude imo to be compared to such a classic Shiseido's giant, the cumin "gassiness" is in here really powerful, the fruitiness central (and not accessorial for the floral-musky notes as in the even fruity Feminite du Bois) and the resins influence is impressive. Anyway, the final vanilla is well calibrated while musk and may be opoponax settle down the basic sticky texture of this "greedy" aroma (it seems finally to be dealing with a sort of really spicy caramellous accord of nutmeg, cinnamon, dark/red fruits jam and "candied glue"). I detect in the final phase the Coca Cola's vibe cause the connections of fruits, dark patchouli, resins and spices enhances effectively that sort of dark pungent/sweet plummines (which in this case is anyway denser and more rounded). Anyway I appreciate a sort of really carnal warmth exuding from this really sensual aroma and a final floral-woody spark (sandalwood ?) providing a touch of more traditional "european" subtle texture. The oriental dry down is more "tamed down" and light in a way it smells more balanced, confortable and wearable. In this final stage the resinous presence is less dense and a frankincense's vibe is more plain and notable. Another great job for Parfum d'Empire by the talented Corticchiato.
Mar 23, 2015

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