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My dad used to have this in stick form. I borrowed it a good few times in my teens and in my honest opinion it is the best Lynx/Axe I have ever smelled (and every time my dad's tried a new one it just haven't had the same impact). A very clean and spicy combination but like most of it's ilk, doesn't last particularly long unless you sweat buckets and re-activate it with the dampness. Still worth the low price, though. I'd like to find something similar to it so I can still get the nostalgia of the "hit".
16th June 2015
For a body spray Voodoo is very very good. It has an interesting scent that is dark and spicy as you would expect from the name implied. Being a body spray though it lasts for about 30 minutes. So long as you go into it knowing that is what you will get out of it (deodorant and body spray) you will be happy with Voodoo. Of course that is if you can still find it, it has been discontinued.
3rd October 2008

Although not as good as Axe Phoenix, a cologne version of this would be interesting - I actually prefer this to Bel Ami by Hermes :D
11th August 2006
Everytime I smell this from the can or on a guy I just fall in love with it. It's such a sexy magnetic scent, not overpowering and just right. It should really be put into a long lasting eau de parfum form. Almost every guy I've had a crush on has worn this or a scent that smells something very similar.
7th February 2006
Before I discovered the wonderful complexity of "real" cologne, I would wear this scent as my daily fragrance. The problem was, being a "drug store" brand, it was ubiquitous amongst my peers at college. I found that wearing this scent along with the Axe Kilo went a long way in improving its complexity (something these cheap scents are nearly devoid of; they don't evolve on the skin and give the impression of being "flat"). It's wrong to say it's a bad scent, but stacked up against any true Cologne/EdT, there is just no comparison in the richness and complexity a "real" fragrance offers. Also, though it may "only" cost a few dollars a bottle, they last but a few weeks of daily use, and may end up costing more than a conservatively-used cologne worn daily.
19th August 2005