This fragrance was created by Calvin Klein's top "Nose", Ann Gottlieb. Don't worry about buying any though, as you'll get some for christmas. (Actually, do buy it, It's the best Lynx so far)

Axe Phoenix / Lynx Phoenix fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Citrus, Lavender, Geranium
  • Heart

    • Warm Violet, Earthy Notes
  • Base

    • Leather, Musk

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Latest Reviews of Axe Phoenix / Lynx Phoenix

Not bad for a Junior High School student. Other than than, a no go!
1st November 2019
Very similar to Dior Sauvage, maybe a bit more citrus. Buy a can and keep it in your glove compartment.
31st July 2019

For $4-8 for a can it's a good deal, it's imo the best smelling axe, easiest one to like. Good smell, probably doesn't last to long, projects good at first but is way too strong at first go easy on the trigger. If they made an edt version of this i'd probably think about buying it, it smells very good.Pros: smells very nice and clean, and is very cheapCons: To much alcohol at first, it's very strong at top"
29th August 2013
The least offensive Axe scent.

Still, if you are older than 18 or graduated from high school, it's time to stop wearing this.
20th December 2011

The metallic initial watermelon effect reminds me a bit the first stage of Narciso Rodriguez For Him  which with it shares the notes of musk, violet and some citrus (not listed in For Him). Phoenix is floral and at the beginning a bit rough and airy-boise' before fading in something smoother and leathery. The combination of leather and musk tames a bit the roughness of citrus, florals and earthy synthetic notes but the smell remains still harsh and masculine. Too metallic for long time the main accord of citrus-violet-geranium-lavender. A good deodorant anyway. 
19th September 2011
quite addictive. has a nice fresh smell on top and cools down quite nice
3rd November 2009
I revisted this one after a test run with Axe Fever. 2 years later, I do get the effort that went into Phoenix but it's somewhat lost on me. Strong, somewhat cloying, it builds around the now infamous Axe "can house note" with a kind of teetering effect between violet and leather. OK, but somewhat Calvin Klownish.
15th September 2009
To me, all axe deodorant sprays have the same metallic scent to them which is overwhelming even in small doses. once you get past the initial scent however, it has a nice citrus and floral combination that smells quite good (much better than everything else in the axe line, in my opinion). Unfortunately, it just doesn't last on me, after an hour it is completely gone
11th August 2009
As far as axe goes the best I've smelled, it was my favorite in 8th I just can't stand axe. It's synthetic smelling but not bad either. Unique, to say the least. Ok for informal wear but wear real cologne on a date or something. The women won't run to you if you're wearing this.
16th July 2009
Body spray.Oh how much I have always been hoping that this was released in a form of an EdT. I think it would be an excellent scent.Phoenix (judging now from body spray) is a very unique scent to me; it is almost completely incomparable. It smells very odd to me.The aroma is very earthy and freshly warm – almost hot - to me and completely masculine. That musky leather note is very compelling and different. It smells kind of raunchy. Not particularly animalic, but just….raunchy.It is sort of amusing to think that some young chaps are wearing this at school and places, since I really do think some people around the wearer aren't capable of thinking it is some sort of fragrance, but more like the guy has some weird and slightly off-putting natural odour thing going on….Like I said I would love to see an EdT version of this. It would probably find its way to my collection immediately.
3rd March 2009
I bought a stick of the deodorant and used it until it ran out. Its very calming and not overley spicy. It lasted all day, Axe makes very good deodorant.
25th December 2006