Reviews of Axe Peace / Lynx Peace by Axe / Lynx

Do you even Axe, bro?
27th May 2022
As others have said, this is a cheap Fahrenheit knock off. It gives me a headache. While I don't like Fahrenheit either, AXE-Peace is an oxymoron that smells like paint thinner. This smells way synthetic.
28th October 2015

This is a cheap Fahrenheit knockoff. Not horrible, but nothing particularly interesting either. If you like Fahrenheit, or the idea of Fahrenheit, but find it either too strong or too expensive - this might be worth a try. Since it's so cheap it won't hurt.
15th April 2015
I am very pleased with this frag. It has a similar vibe to Dior Fahrenheit. I am getting over 8 hours of longevity with this one.
16th March 2015
The first time I used this, I was greeted with a scent similar to "Woods of Windsor For Men". There seemed to be a lemon and basil thing going on. This eventually gave way to an orgy of violet that is frightfully similar to Fahrenheit.

A surprisingly mature fragrance from this erstwhile brand.
21st November 2014
Eau de Fahrenheit. A more synthetic & cheap, but carefully composed, lighter copy of the Dior classic. In fact, I prefer this to the newer formulations of Fahrenheit, which suffer from a lack of good floral oils. (Not, however, to vintage Fahrenheit, which is far richer and better.) Peace does not have the petroleum vibe of new Fahrenheit, featuring a light woody-musk drydown instead of the intense leather of the Dior. Worthwhile.
17th November 2014
I picked up the bodywash of Axe Peace because I was told it was a rip off of the in/famous Dior Fahrenheit, which I'd heard was a smell somewhere between the tire aisle at a garage and motor oil mixed with diesel.

While I thoroughly enjoyed Peace, and really didn't like Fahrenheit, but can appreciate their similarities... but I would never call Peace a copy. Maybe more like cousins.

Peace is a very good scent that has a VERY crisp citrus/green opening combined with rubber, synthetic notes. The rubber really does resemble the imagery of the tire aisle.

It's an intoxicating scent that would do very well as an actual cologne.

I plan on "decanting" the spray and putting it in with body lotion.

The base is that same rubber synthetic mixed with woods.

I usually don't enjoy Axe products, but this one is a winner. Try it out!


After using Peace off and on for a few months now I've decided that I much prefer the bodywash to the actual spray. The scent of the bodywash puts much more emphasis on the sharp citrus notes and the dry tire rubber, whereas the spray has much more bitter exhaust notes.
11th April 2014