Axe Peace / Lynx Peace 
Axe / Lynx (2014)

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Axe Peace / Lynx Peace by Axe / Lynx

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Axe Peace / Lynx Peace is a shared scent launched in 2014 by Axe / Lynx

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Reviews of Axe Peace / Lynx Peace by Axe / Lynx

There are 7 reviews of Axe Peace / Lynx Peace by Axe / Lynx.

Do you even Axe, bro?

As others have said, this is a cheap Fahrenheit knock off. It gives me a headache. While I don't like Fahrenheit either, AXE-Peace is an oxymoron that smells like paint thinner. This smells way synthetic.

This is a cheap Fahrenheit knockoff. Not horrible, but nothing particularly interesting either. If you like Fahrenheit, or the idea of Fahrenheit, but find it either too strong or too expensive - this might be worth a try. Since it's so cheap it won't hurt.

I am very pleased with this frag. It has a similar vibe to Dior Fahrenheit. I am getting over 8 hours of longevity with this one.

The first time I used this, I was greeted with a scent similar to "Woods of Windsor For Men". There seemed to be a lemon and basil thing going on. This eventually gave way to an orgy of violet that is frightfully similar to Fahrenheit.

A surprisingly mature fragrance from this erstwhile brand.

Eau de Fahrenheit. A more synthetic & cheap, but carefully composed, lighter copy of the Dior classic. In fact, I prefer this to the newer formulations of Fahrenheit, which suffer from a lack of good floral oils. (Not, however, to vintage Fahrenheit, which is far richer and better.) Peace does not have the petroleum vibe of new Fahrenheit, featuring a light woody-musk drydown instead of the intense leather of the Dior. Worthwhile.

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