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In Greece never discontinued,easily you can find the full range(after shave lotion,bodyspray,shower gel,deo roll on classic & dry etc)in any shop in greece,even in mini markets,also the fragrance have differences compared the fragrance I purchase from uk,the greek market fragrance are more salty,more pleasant,more manly! I hope marine and africa fragrances never discontinued in Greece!
8th February 2014
I was in Iraq in 2009/2010 and this fragrance was available everywhere. I have no idea where it came from or how it got there, but I was disappointed when I got back to the States and this wasn't available. Wish I would have had the forethought to bring a few bottles of the body wash back with me.
17th January 2013

ok, i got one today. it's an aftershave, and it's as rare as hell, i don't know where they are bringing it from, 'cos it's not officially distributed by unilever in my country. anyway, i bought it because of rarity and its being ridiculosly affordable, and i never smelled it before today. what can i say - it's a very good scent. i've always been keen of 80's styled powerhouse scents, and this is one of those for sure. i don't know what was the smell back in 90's, but today i just don't get it being "marine" at all.. ok, it is a cool fragrance, but that's all i can correlate with marine theme.. the opening is heavy on lavender and maybe carnation, thus strongly reminds me of drakkar noir, which i appreciate a lot. tart but clean at this point. after a little while it comes to kind of remind me of bogart by jaques bogart, another 80's powerbomb which i like. i have a suspicion that gillete's cool water was inspired by this one. all in all, it's a darkly fresh, mossy, cool scent. truly masculine in an old-fashioned manner.
16th June 2012
A marine scent in the cheapo category, which actually smells tolerable. I have pleasant memories with this one. In fact, quite suitable for everyday wear.
30th October 2009
Axe Marine is back and i am pleased it smells really fresh and has an aquatic feel to really works well with my davidoff cool water for menYou may not find it in the shops as it is hard to obtain from shops however ebay has some so try never know we may see some more making their comeback so keep an eye out for them. I of course will keep you posted about all the new ones that i come across.
8th December 2007