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Perfect for after the shower in the Gym.

Short Longevity; you have been warned…

Thumbs up!
19th September 2021
A nice chocolate with a touch of light musk. A nice gourmand body spray that is pretty good.7.5/10
1st November 2019

Smells just like Rochas Man so if you have that then this deodrant would complement it really well.
14th October 2012
Smells great, lasts all day. The opening is a bit chemical and pungent, but once it dries down it smells like fresh-baked chocolate-chip cookies. Who doesn't like that? As expected from a body spray, sticks very close to the skin.
3rd February 2012
A dark and spicy chocolatey patchouli with some dry fruits and herbs in composition. I perceive a touch of vetiver in the dry down. Not bad to be a body deodorant, the chemical feel is tollerable, the complexity is minimal while a touch of freshness is able to survive.
5th July 2011
If you like chocolate, and you like body sprays, then Dark Temptation is for you. Most body spray's I've tried fail in the longevity department, but Dark Temptation does a great job. It lingers and lingers, as a creamy chocolate/vanilla. The opening is far more of a dominant chocolate note. It actually changes a little.

Body sprays are just that.. So don't expect much. But this one is the first of its kind. A gourmand body spray, that is also light and refreshing. What is best is that it lingers, and while it does, it doesn't overpower. Hard to resist really.

In the category of body sprays -- Dark temptation gets an A+.
20th April 2010
Axe Dark Temptation is, in my opinion the best Axe Fragrance.From what I remember, I bought this fragrance when I was 12, close to 13 or so.When I first sprayed this I was like "WOW !". I was VERY young back then, and I didn't know that chocolate can be put in a fragrance. Really, it was the last thing I expected to smell (I didn't even seen the commercial). know, the first spray of Axe is the best. The chocolate just came out and hit me right in the face. After that, I started sniffing for like 2 hours. It was the best fragrance I had because, back then I didn't have any designer fragrance. I never heard about Dior, YSL, Hermes, CK or any designer fragrance before I had this. My review of this fragrance is so good, because this particular fragrance got me in the fragrance world.Without this, I wouldn't know about Dior, Guerlain and stuff. I didn't like fragrances before. Also, it makes me remember instantly about my childhood, along with Brut, of course. I just don't know how to explain how much I loved this fragrance. That was heaven for me 2 years ago. That was my drug. That was my poison. That was my soul.Axe Dark Temptation has this gift of getting compliments. I just don't know how this gets SO many compliments. Please, don't tell anyone, this is my secret: Dark Temptation is my most complimented fragrance ever. Please, be quiet ! Don't tell my friens !I used this every day, because it was very affordable. Even my dad used to spray this ! Really, he liked this ! It was not for his age, for sure.Aaah ! The memoryes from school, when I smelled like chocolate from 2 meters away, they overwhelm me. Sorry for being so nostalgic, but this how I am. When I smell Brut I think about my father. When I smell J'Adore I think about my mother. When I smell Dark Temptation I think about my early school years. When I hear some songs, I remember about my childhood. That's how I am. I have these memoryes allmost every day. I like that through.It is impossible, in my opinion to wear this in school or high school or wherever you go, and not get at least a single compliment ! Try it and you will see. Maybe because it has a great projection/sillage.Longevity: believe it or not, but this is a really long lasting fragrance. I remember being amazed how long this lasts. Today, I am even more amazed considering the fact that this is so cheap. I can buy 100 bottles if I want. Anyway, this lasts about 6 hours.This is not a joke. At it's best, Dark Temptation lasts 8 hours. It really depends on how much you sprayed. DON'T underestimate this. It can fill the whole room in a second. DON'T overspray it. You might have the sensation that you haven't sprayed enough, but, you don't want to use too much.I must have a very fine skin through, because ALL fragrances that I have in my wardrobe last at least 8 or 10 hours. Some of them last 2 days.I still use this fragrance today, and I always have it in my wardrobe.About the smell, I only feel chocolate and caramel and probably vanilla. It has a synthethic feel to it through, and you can clearly feel it, and it might be upsetting.The final thing: I, as James Marshall Hendrix award Axe Dark Temptation with:Great Price/Quality Award/Medal/Trophie In conclusion, Axe did a good thing with Dark Temptation, but they could have done better. If I created Dark Temptation, I would have used more natural ingradients, not synthethic ones, like in this case. I would have taken care for this fragrance not to smell synthethic. I would have launched a EDT version with a very cool looking bottle, and also, I would make the EDT very strong, lasting 2 days. I would add a clear coffe note, maybe even a subtle amber note, and also a tonka, vanilla and strawberry note. Anyway, Dark Temptation by Jimi Hendrix (2010) is more complex then the Axe version, and maybe more complex then A*Men. Ratings: (this is kinda hard to do)The smell: 8 (the synthethic feel is a drawdown)Longevity: 8 (great longevity, for a deodorant)Projection: 8 (very good projection)Wearability: 7 (Average, because old people can not wear this, and also, considering the fact that many basenoters DO NOT wear cheap fragrances)Compliments: 7.5 (It has a drawdown here, because many people are ashamed to say that they are wearing such a cheap fragrance, even though they feel it)Price/Quality: 9.5 (You get more then you paid for)Final Rating: 8 => thumbs up !Jimi Hendrix
3rd April 2010
Cheap and nasty EDT, but surprisingly has enough character to make it wearable. On me the vanilla and fruit/chocolate notes come out strongest.Very casual, I don't mind wearing this just to have a break from other fragrances when I'm staying around home or getting down and dirty at work. Good bang for your buck and really that's as much as you can expect from cheaper fragrances and for that reason I'm giving this a thumbs up... just.
13th December 2009
I love chocolate and this smells like I just got done baking a chocolate cake and rubbed it all over me. But.. I dont want to smell like that unless im really baking a cake!
3rd November 2009
I purchased this bodyspray about yesterday. It's pretty meh by itself, but add Caswell Massey's Aura of Patchouli cologne spray and you've gotten yourself something that smells perfect and lasts a long time. A hint about bodysprays. Spray them everyplace below your neck where you have body hair - yes, including "down there" - and it will last all day.
1st October 2009
Kahuna, sorry but I must respectfully dissagree with you on some points. While I do agree it does get chemical fast, I wouldn't classify it as a "mess." The scent was also designed by Anne Gottlieb. While I'm not crazy about her work with CK (other than One), I have to respect that she did a good job on making this one, and furthermore the fact that Axe is getting serious about producing a decent product. Not bad and I don't think 5 of 6 bucks is too bad of a price for this.
29th September 2009
This review is for Dark Temptation Eau de ToiletteI have smelled both bodyspray and EdT of this; they are quite different and not surprisingly EdT is better. It is widely available here in Finland. 100ml bottle goes approx. for 12euros.DT is a fresh spicy scent with gourmand qualities. It doesn't resemble chocolate/coffee fragrances such as A*Men and Rochas Man, but more strawberrish scents like Hanae Mori for men and Paco Rabannes Black XS.DT does have chocolate tone to it too for sure, but it isn't that prominent at all. Quite feminine scent but sharp and slightly bitter spicy edge makes it very contemporarily masculine. I don't know the notes/ingredients of Dark Temptation (I think there hasn't even been a release of any kind from the brand), but if I had to guess I would probably think of something like this:Top: Bergamot, Fruity Accent, Spicy NotesHeart: Lavender, Strawberry, Cedarwood, FernBase: Woods, Vanilla, Tonka Bean, ChocolateDark temptation is not a high quality fragrance, but on the other hand, it doesn't smell any cheaper than many of its more expensive companions. It is quite strong and long lasting with surprisingly large amount of nuances. I mean, I have smelled a niche stuff that is much more linear than this.Nice low budget juice. Not for me, though.
3rd March 2009