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The Axe Atlantis was one of the best spray deodorants (maybe even the best) I've used. A very special, pleasant smell gave a soothing feeling of well-being. Too bad it is no longer manufactured. Axe Marine are slightly similar in smell but do not compare.

13th July 2021
I personally liked it. it was given me Fresh Aquatic feel. still I have that memory. :)
18th July 2015

Lightweight woody-aquatic, metallic, pungent and common. A sporty deodorant and nothing else.
20th September 2011
Another classic Lynx scent discontinued (at least in the UK.) This one was a sweet yet aquatic scent and was a good example of the 90s obsession with aquatic scents. Personally I loved this and rank it up there along the best of the cheapo scents. In fact it gives the more expensive house scents a run for their money. I believe it's still available in Europe but they REALLY should bring it back to the shores of the UK.
13th June 2009