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It's nice, fresh smell and it good for men's
12th November 2014
great value as mentioned great vanilla/lavender take. for 4 bucks what do you expect. lasts about an hour. good entry level start for teens. it's my SOTD but I will change to something more appropriate soon.Pros: great sweet smellCons: no longevity"
15th July 2013

This is the only decent scent under the Lynx brand. Believe me. I've tried most of them. That's why it still out sells all the other versions after 18 years on the market. I have this on my everday wear rotation. It would be a sad day if Unilever ever decided to discontinue this.
12th May 2013
A harsh synthetic-smelling scent. I can pick notes of vanilla and musk, but they are not done in a nice way. Sillage and projection are average. Possibly a good entry-level cologne for a teenage male, but seriously uncool for grown-ups. Expect hipsters to start wearing this scent in the near future.
13th September 2012
Another watery-musky-vanillic smell with liquid lavender and smooth and soapy elements particularly synthetic and cheap. In the same league as Le Beau Male and Rance Triomphe.
19th September 2011
I have to admit I really like this Axe fragrance. I only had several body sprays of this one (didn't find more concentrated versions) and I used to wear it a lot when I was (very) young. Unfortunetly, I have some bad memories with this one. I didn't overdo it, but I have smelled several people who seemed to spray half a can of Africa and other Axe scents and the stench was horrible. These memories have stopped me from buying any more Axe products.

The smell strongly reminds me of Le Male, which was released the same year. I don't find it legendary, but it is good, if you don't spray like crazy. Africa/Kilo is one of the strongest deodorants/body sprays. I seriously recommend you to go easy on it. It has tons of vanilla and spicy woods. I remember it had some spearmint in it too. I really don't like mint in perfumes, so this is a downside for me.

Longevity is fantastic, especially for a deodorant. I don't remember having any longevity problems with this one. The projection is great too. Be sure people feel your scent. They may even compliment and think you have Le Male on lol. I remember I didn't tell people I have Axe on. Yes, I lies. I used to tell whoever asked me what scent do I have on that I had Le Male, and they believed, lol, because of the strong similarity.

Rating: Smell: 8 - really surprizing for this price
Longevity: 9 - I can't ask more from a deodorant/body spray
Projection: 9 - same here
Originality meter: 7 units/10 not fantastic but still very good for it's price
Overall: 8 pretty damn great; the best Axe and the only good Axe
1st September 2011
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