Aventus for Her fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Green apple, Violet Leaf, Pink pepper, Calabrian bergamot
  • Heart

    • Rose, Styrax, Mysore Sandalwood
  • Base

    • Peach, Cassis, Amber, Ylang Ylang

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The opening reminds me of fruity wines, somewhat the smell but also the taste. I don’t get an Aventus vibe other than it is dry and musky, maybe using the same accords to create the men's. Otherwise, it is a floral scent that comes off very unisex to me. The scent that it keeps reminding me of is Ambre Nuit. Very pleasing, wearable, and smells of refinement.

Sneaky projection as it doesn't smell strong but it does leave a huge scent trail. Seems to last most of the day.

19th August 2022
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Overall: 2/5
Sillage: 3/5
Longevity: 4/5

Smells very distinct–in the Creed Aventus sort of way. When you smell it, you know what it is. A complex, unisex scent.

Repurchase? No

Detested this on me: practically unwearable and migraine-inducing

Unsurprisingly smells like Aventus, but with green apple. Smelled pretty good and fruity the first 3-7 minutes, but upon drydown I was left with this invasive, nauseating, high-frequency, chemical-like smell.

Desperately wanted to like it, but just wasn't my cup of tea. I just can't ever see myself not getting a skull-splitting headache if I ever smell someone wearing this.
1st December 2019

From a sample, this is a very nice fragrance. RICH, potent, sharp or distinct, sweet and peppery, oud-ish, and floral are the descriptors that come to mind when taking in this fragrance.

[As my wife's sample came to a close, she didn't know that I had a full bottle purchased and on its way! I liked it that much, not to mention how it smelled on her...:o)]

The beginning opens with a piercing sweetness that is very nice, followed by a distinct floral smell that I think really defines the overall essence and drydown of this fragrance. There isn't anything in this fragrance that brings to mind the thought of Aventus for men. I believe this fragrance is in a category of its own. Although marketed for women, I am sure some men would find this very appealing however, I am not recommending men to go out and purchase. Just saying!

Use discretion when applying as this fragrance is very rich; I really like this on my wife.

Performance: 8.5/10
Projection: 9/10
Longevity: 8.5/10
Silage: 9/10
Overall: 9/10
16th June 2019
This perfume is quite a riot.
I find it hilarious and utterly telling of where things are in the perfume enthusiast community when a scent like Creed Aventus (2010) literally develops an army of the most argumentative, solipsistic, and toxic worshipers of any perfume in modern history (thanks to social media), yet not a soul measures in on the feminine-marketed companion scent Aventus for Her (2016). It really goes to show that Creed are not responsible for the near-sociopathic self-serving try-hard lot that obsessively comb over batch variations while stroking their egos about their annual net worth, how much they can bench press, and how many children they plan to sire so their doofus dynasties can proliferate, if the house is willing to slap the Aventus name on something -not actually meant for men- now is it? Clearly, Creed saw the unprecedented success of what has arguably become their most successful scent, and decided to do what most designers have done for decades by making a his/hers pair, albeit backwards because traditionally the women's iteration comes first. While it is a bit of a stretch to call the original Aventus unisex, this "for her" version feels very clearly gender neutral despite it's markings, and is the more complex scent between the two. In some ways the relationship between Aventus for Her and the masculine Aventus reminds me of how Amouage gendered perfume pairs work, with the feminine iteration often more imposing or richer than the male one despite marketing suggesting otherwise.

The smell of Aventus for Her differs mainly in the opening notes and how the middle phase leads into the base as compared to the watershed original, but they reach a remarkably similar final skin scent in the end. Fruity floral notes dance on some animalic heart notes that replace much of the smoke and oakmoss bite of the male version. The telltale vacuum-distilled bergamot is here with all its smoothness, but pineapple is replaced with pear and green apple, while blackcurrant is substituted for violet leaf, ylang-ylang and pink pepper. This change out immediately affects the personality of Aventus for Her, offering some floral tone borrowed from Green Irish Tweed (1985) coupled with a more tart fruit selection finished with a piquant snap that makes for a drier Aventus experience. The heart shows styrax replacing jasmine hedione and sandalwood replacing the birch tar, with rose the only remaining element. Dirtier, sexier, and still drier at this point, Aventus for Her is technically the more virile and potent version, even by the time it finishes on the familiar Aventus base. Ambergris and oakmoss hold this foundation but with no vanilla or musk, flanking with peachy lactonic notes and cassis instead. The dry down is a little bit schizophrenic but the end of things reveals a skin scent most alluring and more unique in the ocean of "woodyambers" that have cropped up in the wake of the original. Wear time is reasonably long like the male Aventus and sillage is also respectable, while the flirty personality of this feminine version feels more fun to me, like a perfect weekend iteration for a day out.

I can totally get that most of the "dudebros" looking to make "slick moves and sick gains" in their quest for socio-economic domination of the Western world won't go anywhere near something marketed as "for her" and "hers" to avoid the insecurity of having their masculinity questioned, but I can see this as being a more sophisticated, and gentlemanly alternative to the normal "Aventus glow" for guys with more than just tricks stolen from GQ magazine up their sleve. The bolstered and diversified florals are mainly what give this a broader dandy-like air of refinement, and while the tart fruit selection coming out of the gate may be a bit bright and confusing for guys used to aquatics or citric woody amber scents, the delightful payoff by the mid-phase speaks for itself. Ladies may indeed like Aventus for Her too, since it was made for them after all, but the construction is just so all over the map compared to most of the trendy fruity florals, fruitchoulis, and sweet candy gourmands popular in younger 21st century women's circles, that it may take a bit more than "being a Neiman's girl" to appreciate the woody warm bite of the trademark Aventus finish, even with the massive effemite retooling of top and heart. Fans of Creed need to sample this, as do the more-reasonable subdivisions of Aventus guys among us, since this seems almost criminally ignored in comparison to its older brother, and another example of Creed's long-held mastery of floral accords. Not for everyone, Aventus for Her should really just be named "Aventus for people who aren't actually in love with Aventus". Thumbs up!
30th April 2019
The slightest bits of fruit exist, for me. The apple stands out more and I totally enjoy it. I wish it were much stronger. The top notes are mostly squashed by a harsh, dark accord. Styrax and sandalwood maybe? Normally I enjoy styrax. It seems out of place showing itself near the top, fruity notes. Anyhow, I do get hints of the other, lighter notes sporadically.

The "darkness" begins to dissipate enough to get more fruit. I still get pops of apple, then some peach. I smell a bit of rose and ylang ylang now and then.

This fragrance is all over the place; back and forth. It isn't refined. I like it - it's okay. Could be better. Hours later I smell some woody-amber stuff.
20th April 2019
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