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Dasein (2015)

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Autumn by Dasein

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Reviews of Autumn by Dasein

There are 2 reviews of Autumn by Dasein.

Blast of red-hot cinnamon. Immediately followed by fresh-cut hay. Big nag champa incense is next. All of the above co-mingle for a somewhat semi-clean, barnyard smell. Reminds me of childhood days, with us neighbor kids hanging around Metzger's barn. Pigs, cows, and chickens. Oh My!

Seems to grow more dirty as it wears on. The cinnamon does last, if only close to the skin.

This was fun to try - not something of which I'd want a full bottle. I'll use my decanted quantity and be happy. I think I read somewhere this has been discontinued anyway.

Yeah, I guess one could say this smells like autumn - early autumn, in the country.

In the sprayer, this was promising. On skin, the cinnamon bark just dominates this scent. If it were more balanced with the other notes -- cedar, coffee, incense -- it might deliver on the promise hinted at in the sprayer. I like the idea of it, but not the reality on my skin.

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