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The fragrance was inspired by an image by Luc Laporte.

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Reviews of Autoportrait by Olfactive Studio

There are 9 reviews of Autoportrait by Olfactive Studio.

I've enjoyed my sample so much I'm actually considering a full bottle of this.

Reading others' reviews, I think Autoportrait must react differently on my skin to the majority of people writing here. I don't get any cedar, pepper, or citrus; instead, I get a beautiful, soft resin/balsam that is sweet without being too sweet. There's something in here that reminds me of a traditional Chinese balm my late grandmother used. It's not at all sharply medicinal, just calming and lovely.

I find it difficult to pick out what notes are in here, but I love this perfume and find it comforting and warm. It's fairly close to the skin, not much (but not zero) projection. Longevity on the skin is a few hours. I think this is one for if you don't necessarily want others to think “oh wow, that person is wearing perfume” but are wearing it primarily for yourself. Others will merely catch a whiff every once in a while of a delicious scent and wonder if it's you.
Jan 12, 2020

Back in the 1970's I recall an Italian mens line called vidal which had this fresh woody note. It belonged among the coniferous fragrances in the H&R genealogy if I remember right, alongside Pino Sylvestre and all that group. A dry, very acceptable masculine scent, fresh cedar, I quite like it.

The declared ingredients could be quite misleading here though I can believe there is elemi and bergamot, but as the official description comments:

"Autoportrait is a good example of how frankincense can be used in a modern way for its fresh coniferous value, without going into a churchy or oriental interpretation."

Very likely it will be sweetened by synthetic components such as coniferan, plicatone etc.

Sure, the marketing story trying to link perfume and photography is contrived and unconvincing but the fragrance itself is attractive, as is the bottle. I think the some of the dismissive judgments below are a bit hasty to be honest.
Nov 16, 2019

The opening is very promising. Dries down to pencil shavings in about 5 minutes. No benzoin or Incense to be found anywhere after the initial dry down. Not feeling this one at all. Next...
Jul 14, 2017

Sweet, boringToo sweet, people... too sweet.The citrus-wood opening is the best part (the least sweet). The so-called "benzoin slam" gives a very sweet chime along with the musk in the mid-notes.Incense notes are poorly rendered and hard to find.Dry-down is sweet, woody with a trace of coconut. Sweet pencil shavings, that's about it.No moss or vetiver that I can detect.Unremarkable to say the least. High concept, low execution.Pros: attempts to render some wood notesCons: nothing remarkable here"
Sep 29, 2013

Vetiver not extraordinaire! The photograph and the concept behind this fragrance- and the whole Olfactive Studio line- are rather interesting, the perfumed renditions unfortunately are not at the same level. Autoportrait opens with a faint whiff of citrus and pepper- the best part of the fragrance- that leads very quickly to a overly sweet and unpleasantly powdery heart where a pale, clean, soulless vetiver peeps out. The base notes feature prominently ambrox- one of those widespread, rather abused synthetic woody- ambery molecules that finishes the fragrance with a touch of banal.
May 31, 2013

A fine ‘wide open spaces' peppery cedar opening with sharp lemon-n-pine tones which soon (like within 15 minutes) turns into a characterless dry, slightly sour, woody haze that smells ever more synthetic as the hours wear on. If outfits like Olfactive Studio didn't spend most of their energy branding themselves to levels of aching coolness and diverted it instead into the creation of perfumes of distinction we'd be talking. But with fumes like Autoportrait , which is not entirely unpleasant just a terminal bore, it's perhaps better to stay silent.
Apr 9, 2013

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