Provenance: The Plain of Jars, Phonsavan, Laos. Perfumer Mason Hainey says:

Imagine a future self, looking back to now, August 2020; this is an olfactory time capsule that somehow manages to evolve. The terroir of Laos, remote villages, verdant jungles, crushed greens and smoked tea. The golden Osmanthus is lush, like the villagers’ clothing— the vibrant colors match the energy of frenzied bees. The honeyed beeswax with Opoponax is sweet, sultry and warm. This scent allows you to travel forward and backwards in time, like bees fluttering from blossom to blossom. Traveling through the northern villages of Laos, this all-natural fragrance shadows a honey harvester in their daily life. Walking the humid, early morning spice markets lining dirt streets...Trekking into the rain-forest, with heady tree-blossoms overhead... Reaching into the powdery earth to harvest underground bee hives...The smell of wild honey, lingering on hands late into the evening.

August 2020 fragrance notes

    • tarragon, crushed greens, powdered red spices, osmanthus, beeswax, smoked tea, tobacco, opoponax

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She says, "I have forgotten what I'm supposed to do today"
And it slips my mind what I'm supposed to say
We're getting older and older and older and older
And always a little further out of the way
You look into her eyes
And it's more than your heart will allow
In August and everything after
You get a little less than you expected somehow
27th June 2022