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Nars (2019)

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Reviews of Audacious by Nars

God I'm a sucker for white florals + incense, and Audacious is as advertised. Glorious. Any woodiness or heft of the incense has been hammered to a paper-thin consistency, and, by contrast, the flowers feel thick enough to hammer nails through. Sweetness so fine it could very well be an extrasensory suggestion. Luminous tiare, luxe, clean, like a thin stream running across the back of your hand, develops into something richer just as the incense also grows into a thicker, darker haze. Audacious is aptly named for seizing upon such a sublime pairing of notes. Yet it is also well in line with Giacobetti's signature diaphanous style. Wears close to the skin, persists most of the day.

Would add a somber or stately timbre to an oppressively hot day. Also, the bottle itself is delightfully tactile and an excellent translation of its contents.
Aug 24, 2021

I get mostly dark, musky, slightly sweet, javanol / sandalwood notes with soft incense. The tiare/tropical thing really doesn’t ever hit hard but you do get a little suntan lotion vibe as it slows down.

It is a somewhat seductive, undercover sexy fragrance. Feels unisex to me.

Despite what I’ve read about performance, this really projects well off my clothes. I can smell it easily and it keeps reminding me it’s there throughout the day. Also, I can still smell it after 10+ hours.
Feb 5, 2021

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