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Al Haramain

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Reviews of Attar Sheikh Al Arab by Al Haramain

The opening is quite unique in its mixture of orange, citrus, unripe apples and a bright, crisp and slightly spicy touch.

In the drydown I get a herbal undertone, with subtle white floral hints - whiffs of muguet mainly - but no sweetness. A restrained oud-like spiciness with rose-like undertones adds further depth.

The base continues the themes of a light and bright crispy spiciness, with hints of a light saffron note added to it.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection a d a truly impressive longevity of twelve hours on my skin.

This spring scent is an interesting creation that expresses original features and is composed of high-quality ingredients. The development is more subtle than the components might suggest, but the result is rather convincing, although it lacks texture at times. The performance is outright splendid. 3.5/5
May 14, 2020

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